Is this next kids birthday party coming up quick? Are you scratching your head looking for birthday party ideas and birthday party games?

How about a different approach where you don't overspend, you're relaxed and gratified to hear "That was the best party...EVER!" all for less than $50...,
          Go straight to the parties?

We've got Kids Birthday Party Games Packages that Delight, and Birthday Party Ideas that Excite!! Put it all together in Just One Night. (for ages 6 to 13+)

No need to spend hours pulling all those free birthday party ideas into a coherent and fun party plan.

No need to hope for inspiration as you spend $50 or more on fancy plates and hats that don't contribute one bit to the fun (now that they're past 5).

No worrying if it will come off OK or if your child will be thrilled with their celebration.

No stress because all the heavy lifting when it comes to 'birthday party games' and birthday party planning has already been done!

All done for less money and way less time than you usually spend.

What is it that makes your child's birthday party Fun and Memorable?

OF COURSE NOT - It's the birthday party GAMES. And our birthday party games are:

3 kids partying
Tested and Approved as 'awesome' by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF KIDS

Unique fun that they've never quite done before

Recommended by parents as 'easy'

Available to download immediately

"As the mother of four children ..... I have now hosted 36 birthday parties for my children alone. Many have been memorable as well as costly. This was truly one of the most economical ones and by far the biggest hit!!"
     -From Tina, a satisfied parent

           5 great birthday party packages for age 6 to 13

  These links will show you all the games and all the fun included in each:  
  the Survivor Party - Can they survive it? [for kids age 6, 7 and 8]
  the Detective Party - A mystery to solve [for age 8, 9 and 10]
  the Magica Party - Girls theatre [for girls age 9 and 10]
the Harry Potter Party - Hogwart's 1st year [for age 8, 9, 10 & 11]
the Medieval Party - A role-playing murder mystery [for preteens, tweens and teens age 11, 12, 13 and up]

You get everything you need for these birthday party games- INSTANTLY

Play Button See for yourself that it's all there with a click on the blue button.

All with NO snail mail- delivered directly to your desktop with easy download (even for the computer challenged, it's easy).

And I won't tell if you don't that you got it from the Internet. All these birthday party games are very purposely designed as if any average mom put them together- assuming that average mom isn't a graphic artist, an illustrator or a professional event planner. These are kids. This isn't a wedding. No guilt here.

Invest in your memories of their childhood, not in throw-aways

Realistically, it's more like $75 at the party store for the paper goods, the loot bags and the (literally) junk to put in them, invitations, and the other 'stuff' like decorations and hats you get sucked into buying while you're there. These items were important when they were pre-schoolers; once they're in elementary school they're just an expensive habit and don't contribute much to the birthday party fun.

And you've still got nothing for them to DO! You'll be spending either time or money, or both, for birthday party activities to keep them occupied and having fun. Even that old stand-by of taking them to the movies will cost you another $100 these days for 10 kids and their snacks.


OR, get more bang for your bucks and go for one of these unique yet tried and true birthday party games packages

  • that's unlike all the others they go to
  • that makes your child feel as special as they are
  • for less money, less stress, more hugs
  • with great games that keep their full attention for the duration
  • that are so much fun that you don't need, and the kids will never miss, all that 'stuff' from the party store.
Photo of me and my kids

Whichever you choose....

Have a Great Party!


P.S. REMEMBER- there's a treasure trove of FREE ideas for kids birthday parties here for you too.

Just go to our Party Ideas section for tons of ideas for invitations, games, themes, food, decorations, craft activities, favors, even gift ideas.