Here's more teenage party ideas:

arrow Mafia Role Playing Game   (02/27/2012)
Birthday party games that will keep teens tuned in are hard to find, but Mafia (or Werewolf or whatever you call it) looks like one that works
arrow Scavenger Hunt Software   (02/23/2012)
If getting an age-appropriate and appropriately challenging scavenger hunt together is a challenge for you, check out this unique birthday party games resource
arrow Heart Garland   (01/19/2012)
These are nice Do-It-Yourself birthday party decorations that look great and cost very little
arrow Teaching about Money this Holiday Season   (11/30/2011)
Sorry to say it, but this holiday season is also a teachable moment that we parents shouldn't let go to waste
arrow Kindle for Readers   (11/29/2011)
Got a reader with a birthday party coming up? A Kindle would make a terrific birthday party gift for that reader.
arrow Kneed Balloon Race   (11/22/2011)
Here's a balloon birthday party game for somewhat older kids that will have them laughing and enjoying the challenge
arrow Dance Contest   (11/14/2011)
Call it a birthday party theme or a game, no matter: a dance contest will keep them engaged, involved and having a great time
arrow Fancy Family Pumpkin Carving   (10/27/2011)
Would you believe 265 pumpkin carving patterns is 15 categories, and growing every day between now and Halloween
arrow Family Puzzles   (10/25/2011)
This is a gift suggestion that probably works best outside of a kids birthday party,such as from one family to another or from grandparents or uncles and aunts
arrow SingStar Dance   (10/19/2011)
Play Station 3 owners with a teen party coming up- Listen Up! This could be the end to all your concerns about throwing them a great party.
arrow Slumber Party Venues   (10/18/2011)
Give your sleepover party a twist and have it in a remote location
arrow Story App   (10/13/2011)
An iPad app game that works great as a birthday party game for preteens or teens
arrow Loaded Questions for Teens   (10/12/2011)
Set the proper tone for your next teen party with a game that gets them thinking and laughing together
arrow Teen Truth   (09/28/2011)
Gentler and kinder than 'Truth or Dare' and perhaps even funnier, this is a great teen birthday party game
arrow TP IceBreaker Game   (09/21/2011)
Would you believe toilet paper can get everybody laughing and talking to each other as a birthday party games
arrow Up Breakfast   (09/13/2011)
Schools back in session, and on hectic weekday mornings we all know how hard it can be to get a good breakfast in them
arrow Party Tacos   (08/08/2011)
When it comes to feeding the birthday party guests, the first birthday party food that seems to come to everyone's mind is pizza
arrow Spa Fun   (07/13/2011)
For those young teens and preteen girls that want to be 'all grown up' at your next slumber birthday party, here's two recipes for marvelous spa treatments
arrow String Chandeliers   (06/27/2011)
I can think of so many ways you can use this birthday party crafts activity
arrow Water, Water, Only Water   (05/31/2011)
When I saw the US Food Safety blog about the importance of water, I was simply compelled to pass this kids tip along to all the parents reading my posts

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