Too old for Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and Chucky Cheese-
          BUT NOW WHAT???

Give your tweens/early teens (11, 12 and 13 year olds) a 'grown-up' experience that's actually age-appropriate:

medieval trumpeter

The Medieval Madness Party

Although it will seem to the kids to be a very 'adult' party theme, it's totally kid-friendly. They've heard about these kinds of parties, they've seen murder mystery games played on TV, and they're very interested in the whole concept.

Quick Facts- so you know exactly what's involved

  • Most murder mystery games available have innappropriate content for kids age 11 to 13 years old. Yet it doesn't have to be inappropriate content for pre-teens and teens for them to have FUN!!

  • They find anything "medieval" to be fascinating! And, it gives them an acceptable 'excuse' to dress-up for their roles.

  • The 'brain-challenge' for the kids in role-playing means you have the whole group totally engaged in the game's action rather than making your life difficult with behaviors you'd prefer to avoid.
    • That same 'brain-challenge' REQUIRES that the kids be in Middle not Elementary School: minimum age 11.

  • VERY easy to host- all you do is print everything out and get it to the kids ahead of time, and have enough snacks to keep them going.
    • Everything is downloadable- no snail mail.
    • Party prep is almost all printing and will take between 1 1/2 and 3 hours to do (depending on printer speed) and can mostly be done on autopilot while you do something else.
    • The party only requires one or two rooms- two if you want a separate space for your snacks or meal.

  • VERY inexpensive to do:
    • You just need those snacks and your printing supplies
    • No need to buy those fancy paper goods like expensive napkins, plates, etc ($10 at best)
    • or pay for decorations (probably at least $5)
    • or buy and fill those silly goodie bags (say $2 per child, 10 children, that's $20)
    • or spring for pizza and drinks (around $15)
    • You don't need any of this stuff- the kids are having such a blast the whole time playing the game that they won't give any of it a second glance or thought.

  • 4 different size packages available to suit your needs: for 14, 15, 19 or 23 players.
    • Sprinkle in a few adults to play some parts (and to get to these numbers) and it's even better- they keep the kids on track and moving forward.

  • Designed as an indoor party, it's even more wonderful played in your castle courtyard under the stars!
Medieval Crown

A chance to 'be' somebody else:
         Role-Playing, Scheming and Plotting

In the Medieval Madness Party, each guest is given a part and a brief description of the other characters ahead of time. The kids come in costume appropriate to their part and interact with the other players to achieve certain objectives, also provided ahead of time. A murder occurs during the party (you need an adult male to play this shortened part), followed by a medieval trial by ballot.

You'll be amazed- they all want to be the guilty one! Because kids this age still have wonderful and vibrant imaginations. So the party is loosely structured to encourage any and all actions the kids cook-up within the plot line.

Therefore, no 'scripts' per se; the kids get and read the info about the characters and the situation ahead of time but leave all the papers at home and use what's in their heads to play the game. Whatever they absorb and bring to the party is sufficient as there is plenty of info given to make the game work.

Both in achieving their objectives and during the trial, the kids can plot and scheme just like in the adult versions of a murder mystery, but on their level and using age-appropriate content.

Medieval King

Part One - Conniving & Scheming

The kids first spend a little time alone with the others from their country, figuring out what to do with their armies and gold pieces as they go after their objectives (remember the game of RISK?). IF they can agree on objectives!

Then they all attend the "reception" before the wedding and go after their goals for between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the group. The props lead to lots of trading, scheming, alliance making and nasty plotting- and laughter- all part of the fun !

Part Two - Food

Then it's time for a break- Food. I fed them all a spaghetti dinner with silver candelabras and all, but pizza or even just snacks will work as well. This break segs into the second half of the party when, during the toast to the bride and groom, the host King Stephen drops dead from poisoning- you need an adult male to play this shortened part. Can't have a murder mystery without a murder!!!

Medieval Justice

Part Three - The Trial

Having delivered each characters' "secrets" during the break, the party then proceeds to the trial by ballot and the execution (with the resurrected King Stephen as the executioner). The "secrets" stir things up a bit more and gives the kids ideas for the trial. Don't be surprised when they all WANT to be the guilty one! The lucky murderer is dragged out of the room by the executioner and renders a blood curdling scream. Then, everybody can have Cake and Ice Cream to finish the party.

You supply the food and the kids- everything else is in the package.

This Invitation gets them all juiced up!

Medieval Party Invitation


Believe me, this invitation really gets the buzz going about your party! (Warning: people often have to up their party size because kids ask to come.) The kids will start talking about your party the minute they get this.

[I apologize that the invitation graphic is so hard to read: use the "Test Drive" link below to view it full size and readable.]

You can Preview the whole package-

See the Invitation full size, see how easy easy it is to edit in your party particulars, read the Introductory Script to see the 'plot', see the Directory of all the components for printing the entire party with the Medieval Test Drive.

(This Test Drive is a .pdf document requiring Adobe Reader - it's free. If you're on a MAC, please note that MAC's built in pdf reader does NOT properly render the invitation edits like your child's name, but Adobe Reader will render them properly.)

Your satisfaction with your purchase is GUARANTEED

Don't like what you get? Just request a refund- it's a FUN GUARANTEE!! So you've got nothing to lose except your worries about getting it all together in time and producing a great party for the kids.

Party Anxiety   Indecision   Relief is at hand!!

Spend your precious time enjoying the Kids. You won't be playing 'bad cop' because the kids will be fully engaged in the survivor games. You won't be exhausted and stressed-out because everything is provided for this unique and fun kids party: complete printing instructions and game directions, invitations and envelopes, ideas for ordering inexpensive (on-line) optional party favors: it's ALL in the package.

And to repeat, the Kids think this party is 'AWESOME'. Be sure to see what parents have said in the yellow column at the right.

A few hours to put together- Memories for Years

All at a price cheaper than almost any party you can organize yourself.

Everything all organized so all you do is print

Complete Directions
Printing Instructions
Printable game props where applicable
Hugs and "thanks you's" for such a great party
Printable Thank You Notes (digital/print photo ready)
$10+ Value
$1 Save the Children donation
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Premium Medieval

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Photo of me and my kids

Have a Great Murder!


P.S. From here on out it's probably Proms,

not these good old-fashioned birthday parties. So move them on from childhood with one last big hurrah! A celebration as unique as your child.