Charitable birthday gift ideas may seem like too much to ask of your child...

but the economy is a mess, your neighbors are in trouble, some of your guests' may even be hurting, and all our little consumers-in-training need a jolt of reality.

It doesn't have to be painful; these charitable gifts can actually be fun and a valuable lesson all at the same time.

It's time to change the tradition!

Birthday Gift Overload

Is this the attitude you really want to foster in your child- even on their birthday? I didn't think so. These charitable gifts are a refreshing alternative.

And the Waste! The unwanted, uneeded gifts that may never even get used. It just doesn't make sense in today's environment.

It's time for new and different birthday party tradition that make more sense.


How do you get from here to there, how to get your child to want to forgo their presents (or some of them) and do good for others, without taking away the joy of their birthday.

It all starts with a conversation about what's going on around them, and how lucky they are to have what they have when others have far less.

If you can have this little talk without losing their interest, you're home free!

Make it Personal and Tangible

Now the fun begins. What are your child's passions? Soccer, baseball, dolls, animals, clothes, ice cream? Anything can be turned into a kindness:

  • new or used sports equipment for the local Boys and Girls Club or similar organization
  • dolls or other toys for the local shelter or your church or temple's outreach programs
  • pet food donations for the local animal shelter
  • winter coats or hats, mittens and scarves for the Salvation Army
  • food for your local food pantry, since that ice cream doesn't mean much on an empty belly

Don't just write a check

Together, you and your child can purchase or collect the items to be donated. Let them be part of the buying decisions. Display all the items to be donated at the party and you're child will feel very good about it.

Go together to make the actual donation- a valuable experience in and of itself. The participation internalizes the whole process and makes it so much more meaningful for your child.

The Good Gift Pool is available to you

It makes the process of collecting the funds for a donation from your party guests as easy as possible- no chasing people down. It also allows any of your party guests that are pinched themselves to make their donation anonymously. And it has minimal impact on your family budget.

And if that family budget makes it more important right now to maximize the value of those birthday gifts, the Good Gift Pool makes that an easier task too.

If you're in a position to use one of these charitable birthday gift ideas- God Bless!!

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Have a Great Party!