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Your Gift Closet

Party GiftI found a great idea to eliminate the last minute rush-crush of the gift for that party your child is going to tomorrow or in an hour. Credit given where it’s due: I found this on the alphamom’s blog.

Keep a bunch of items that work with the age group in question on hand. Buy them when you see them on sale. Or next time you buy or order (on line) a gift-suitable item for your own child, get two or three to keep in that gift closet.

Given the way kids rip into their party gifts at the speed of lightening, the chances that the recipient will ever notice that you gave this same gift to another child are pretty remote. But if they do, just coach your child to tell him or her that it’s a favorite gift for a favorite friend.

Whenever you find tissue paper and/or gift bags cheap, buy a bunch in kid friendly colors and designs. Stash those in your closet as well. We all know how the wrapping can cost as much as the gift, and when it’s all last minute, we get caught.

Do the same with birthday cards and you won’t even have to leave the house next time except to go to the party!

Of course, any good stuff to do that’s in your gift closet can also be a life saver on a rainy day or when you’ve got a sick or bored child needing a lift.

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