Award Winning Activity Case

MagnaKaseWhen an educational toy actually wins an award from a pediatrician with over 30 years experience, a pediatrician who routinely evaluates toys for kids, then we parents ought to take notice.

Recommended for preschool and early elementary school aged kids two and up, this sturdy plastic activity case is the perfect size for backpacks and small hands to take along when they’re on the go. It can keep them busy in the car, on the plane or train or bus, at the restaurant.

Keep the crayons and/or dry erase markers or colored pencils and the coloring pages or blank paper safely inside the case and then secure them to the outside of the case with the magnetic bars, turning the case itself into the right sized work surface.  Or, use those crayons or markers to draw right on the dry erase surface of the case.

The activity case is expandable with the purchase of magnetic wooden letter tiles for word play. This gets a bit pricey as a kids birthday party gift, but parents might choose to add these tiles at a later date.

The case can hold any number of activities to keep young hands and minds busy but need a flat surface for play, such as polly pockets or cards (miniature might be best).

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