Williams Sonoma Cookie Cake

Williams Sonoma Sandwich Cookie Cake

Williams Sonoma Cookie Cake

Williams Sonoma Cookie Cake

Do you know anybody under the age of 13 that DOESN’T love these cookies? Me neither. Or over the age of 13, for that matter. So what could possibly be more fun than to serve this Oreo cake at your next birthday party.

While the special pan from Williams Sonoma costs a bit, it can be used for a multitude of events beyond this next birthday party. Anytime you’re asked to bring a dessert to a school or other function, it’ll be a guaranteed hit. Lend it out to friends and relatives, just be sure to get it back!

You’ll find the pan and recipes for both the cake and the center frosting at Williams Sonoma’s website. I also like their idea of using ice cream in the center instead of the frosting – see their directions for this variation at the bottom of their page.

One of the things that makes a birthday party memorable to the kids is that it’s different. They go to SO MANY of these celebrations. This cake would definitely be different from everyone else’s.

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