Animal Post Its

What Animal Am I?

Animal Post Its A take off on the board game “Who Am I?”, play “What Animal Am I?” at your safari , jungle, zoo ¬†or circus birthday party.

Like all kids party games that require some thinking, this game is best for kids age 6 to 8 and in elementary school rather than preschool.

All you need for this game is a pack of post-its. Write a different animal, that coincides with your party theme, on each page, one for each child plus one extra. If you want to get fancy and use graphics as I’ve done in the picture above, you’ll need to make your own post-its: print out your chosen graphics and cut them into squares.

Make sure there are no mirrors or reflective surfaces in the game room. Place a post it on each child’s forehead such that everyone else can see it but the wearer can’t. If using home made post-its, just swipe the top of your squares with a glue stick.

It’s probably best to demonstrate rather than explain how the game is played, so have a post it made for yourself to wear and stick it on. Demo the play as follows: ask the group yes or no questions as you try to narrow down your identity. For example, do I have 2 legs or 4, fur or fins, or feathers, do I eat plants or animals, do I live where it’s hot, where it’s cold, etc.

Once the kids get the game, tell them to move around among all the guests asking their questions of many different kids until they figure out who they are. Have a sheet of paper on a table or taped to the wall with each child’s name on it and when they know their identity tell them to come to you to report in, but then return to the group to answer questions from others.

You can have a small prize for the first to figure out what animal they are- or not.

Simple thinking games like this one can often be used to calm things down and get the kids focused.

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