Watercolor Leaves

Watercolor Fall

Watercolor LeavesDon’t spend the money to take them to a ‘craft place’ when with a little pre-party prep you can make beautiful things they can take home right at your house! Again, my thanks to Mary Lea at pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com for her wonderful artsy ideas that can work so well at kids birthday parties.

Your young guests will be thrilled to take their beautiful watercolor leaves home from your fall birthday party. Not fall? Have a different party theme? This craft is infinitely adaptable to your theme. You create the outline, they fill it in with watercolors and mount their artwork on construction paper ‘frames’. The outline can be anything that works with your party theme- superheroes you’ve gotten from internet graphics, animals from internet graphics, you name it. You know you can find virtually any graphic you want online, then just print them out, copy or trace onto your papers to make the templates for the kids to fill in.

These templates use a colored glue based on Elmers and acrylic paints– you’ll find a link for making this glue http://www.birthdaypartygameslady.com/party-favors-for-kids.html://www.birthdaypartygameslady.com/party-favors-for-kids.html Mary Lea’s post on the watercolor leaves. What’s neat about using the glue to outline the graphics you’ll be giving the kids http://www.birthdaypartygameslady.com/party-favors-for-kids.html://www.birthdaypartygameslady.com/party-favors-for-kids.html paint in is it has a thickness to it on the paper, making it easier for the young ones to stay inside the lines and produce a neater, less messy finished product that they can be really proud of. Brilliant idea! It does need to dry, however, so make the kids templates ahead of time.

Yet again, a good party crafts can always double as your party favors, and two-fers are always better than onesies.

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