Water, Water, Only Water

WaterSummer’s now officially here, and I ushered it in with my family at the local pool. We had a good time, but I came away distressed by what I saw. When I then saw the US Food Safety blog about the importance of water, I was simply compelled to pass this kids tip along to all the parents reading my posts.

What upset me at the pool were all these gorgeous 8 and 9 and 10 year olds, as well as pre-teens and young teens, sporting love handles. And often when I matched the kids up with the mom, it was pretty clear that the moms spent a good amount of time at the gym and were in great shape – no love handles there. So the message is clear- it’s not just adult calories that matter.

And one way many of today’s kids are ingesting needless calories is in sport and energy drinks – not to mention soda. And those energy drinks contain major doses of caffeine which kids don’t need.

The American Association of Pediatrics just issued a report outlining the misuse of these products by kids and teens. It flatly states that kids and teens should just plain never drink energy drinks as the stimulants can be harmful to kids and teens. Check those soda cans for the presence of these stimulants too. The report also states that plain water is sufficient for re-hydration after and during exercise in almost all cases, meaning sports drinks and their extra calories really aren’t necessary.

Add this to the fact that we’re all supposed to drink something like 8 8oz glasses of water a day as adults for optimum health, and it just makes good sense to start the water habit early in life. Build a good health habit, keep them hydrated in the hot weather and get rid of those useless calories and maybe the love-handles too. This is an easy change to implement.

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