Water Gun Range

Water Target

Water Gun RangeSytrofoam to hold up your water cannon targets- BRILLIANT! So simple, but easily overlooked as a great way to set up a target for a variety of games. Thanks to fingerthumb.typepad.com for sharing this great idea.

Styrofoam coolers are inexpensive, but any styrofoam you’ve got or can get your hands on will do, as long as it’s stable enough to support your targets. It’s easy to add weight to coolers for stability. Those pictured are ping pong balls supported on cut lengths of plastic tubing. These make great targets for water pistols or water cannons. Bigger plastic piping and tennis balls or whiffle balls might work as a larger target for younger kids.

Older kids might need a bit tougher challenge, and something that moves in the breeze would be harder. String some colorful paper plates from your tree limb as targets- the plates will catch even a small breeze to become moving targets for the water pistols or cannons. Give different plates different point counts, written or painted on the plates. This can be scored either individually or on a team basis. And put older kids farther away from the target.

While this is perfect for an outdoor summertime party, with a little tweaking you can even have indoor target games. Set those ping pong balls up on the plastic tubes but have the kids use rubber band sling shots to score their points. This too can be either an individual or a team competition.

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