Visual Brain Storms

Visual Brain Storms

Visual Brain StormsIt’s always smart to have a ‘slow down and think’ game ready to play when things need to be ratcheted down a bit at a kids sleepover party. Think Fun makes terrific, challenging, educational games and  Visual Brain Storms is no exception. It can make a terrific kids birthday party gift, but perhaps even better as a gift to your own birthday child that you can then pull out at the birthday party.

The long hours of a slumber party can particularly require you to have various activities to suggest so the party doesn’t dissolve into gossip and arguments as the kids get tired. A thinking game not only engages their brain in a more positive activity, it slows them down and helps, maybe, to get them ready for sleep. Always a difficult thing to get them to do.

Visual Brain Storms has 100 humorously illustrated cards that pose “logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3D Befuddlers, and brain conundrums”, suitable for age 8 and up. Answers are on the back, along with extra ‘bonus’ questions.

The questions require the use of logic, sequential thinking, math, spatial reasoning, and plain old common sense. This may sound like academic work, but the brain teasers are presented in such a way as to be good yet challenging fun. And as always, the competition to do well and better than others helps tune the kids in to playing the game. The parent reviews on Amazon will convince you that these are, indeed, fun for the kids.

So have this game available when those sleepover eyelids start to droop and they need help settling down but aren’t yet ready to throw in the towel.


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