Use your Winter Weather

SnowmanMost parent’s reaction to a winter birthday is to throw up their hands at the thought of having all those kids inside for a few hours, making a mess. Or bemoan how lucky other parents are- whose kids have summer birthdays where everything can be outside.

For your winter birthday party  ideas, it’s time to think outside the box (house). Back before our kids spent 50 hours a week exercising their thumbs on their various electronic devices, kids were outside playing in the snow for generations. If you’re lucky enough to live where you have consistent snow, use it to make a great outdoor party.

Have an old-fashioned party with snowball fights, snow forts, sledding, angel making, a snow men contest, relay races through the snow (not so easy). See how one Minnesota mom (where it’s really cold) had a very successful snow party. And talk about saving money? This party is a real winner on that score.

Just like a summer party where you need a backup date in case it rains, schedule your snow party with an alternative date if it’s too cold or windy. An afternoon party right after school might be the easiest-it’s warmer then than at night, and potentially easier to reschedule for the following week if you get terrible weather.

Warm hot chocolate, some with peppermint and other fun flavors, is an obvious accompaniment. Popcorn fresh off the stove and warm on the fingers sounds good too. Make a game of it: have them dig around outside in the snow to find some sticks that they can use to make s’mores in your fireplace when they come in to get warm. Or, if you’ve got the energy and the space, dig out your fire pit and make your fire outdoors for your s’more making. Now that’s something they’ve never done before mid-winter!

Make sure your invitation makes it clear what your planned activities are and specifically requests everyone to come dressed appropriately. A suggestion to bring extra socks and mittens should ensure that they all comply. I’m seeing a real cute clipart snowman with a big scarf and warm hat on that invitation.

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