Unhinged Puzzle Fun

My FAVORITE edu-toy company is out with a new one. Think Fun’s new ‘Unhinged‘ looks to be a Rubik’s Cube style brain teaser, for kids and adults age 8 and up. A spatial logic puzzler (which is of course math related), like all brain teaser it teaches problem solving and perseverance while providing entertainment. What’s not to like?

At less than $15 on Amazon as of this date, Unhinged makes a great little gift, either a birthday party present or a ‘for-no-reason’ gift to your favorite somebody. You get the game itself, directions, plus 40 challenges, all with solutions. Hours of concentration.

So much of what I like about the Think Fun games is that they provide solitary pleasure for those times when no one else is around. Which helps to teach kids that alone time CAN be pleasant and rewarding and fun; they don’t always need someone else around to entertain them. A valuable learning. And it’s a different ‘alone time’ than with a video or computer.

You can even enter to win an Unhinged game at myfourmonkeys.com. Scroll down to the entry form- you have until July 23rd to enter. Good Luck!


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