Tutu Cookies for Princesses

TutuI wouldn’t have thought to decorate my children’s party food with anything other than edibles, but over at pizzazzerie.com they did- to wonderful effect.

All little princesses love tutus, and they all love sugar cookies, so put them together for an adorable, edible party food or a lovely take home party favor, or both! Check it out.

Bake your sugar cookies on a lollipop stick: bamboo skewers (trimmed to size) from the grocery store should work as well as a real lollipop stick from the craft store. I’d think a 3″ cookie would be about as big as either type of stick can handle.

1/4 yard of tulle from the craft or fabric store will be more than sufficient. Use a 4″ x 2″ piece for each cookie, gathered and tied with needle and thread across the 4″ side. Hot glue the tutus onto the stick just below the cookie, or tie them on with pretty ribbon. Decorate with jewels or sequins glued on to the ribbon and/or the tulle.

Using buttercream icing and a zipper plastic bag with the corner cut out as your pastry bag, give each cookie a face.

Make ribbon and jewel ‘hair accessories’ for each cookie, and attach to the cookies with the icing. Let these set so they stay in place.

While you’re at the craft store, you might want to pick up a decent sized hunk of clay to form a base for sticking the cookies in for a pretty presentation. Decorate the clay with leftover tulle, ribbon, jewels etc.

It’s likely just as easy to make 2 for each party guest as it is to make one, so send one home with them as your party favor instead of spending more money on plastic junk. Now you’ve taken care of at least part of your party treats AND your take-home favor, all with one very cute cookie.

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