Tube Animals

Tube Animals

Tube AnimalsStart saving those toilet paper tubes so you can have the girls make these farm animals as a craft activity and then use them as decorations at your next birthday party. Brought to you by the same crafty lady Amanda that gave you the toilet paper tube Angry Birds – obviously one very clever crafter, and very generous to share full instructions with templates for each of these guys. There are 9 different animals for the kids to make.

These will make a marvelous party craft for older elementary school aged girls– boys probably don’t have the patience. I recommend making one of each as a model for the kids. Check each animal’s directions, but in general supplies needed are those toilet paper tubes, paints and brushes, chenille or pipe cleaners in the appropriate colors, sharpies and glue (no glue guns for kids, too dangerous, unless you want to be on call to do everybody’s gluing).

Yes, these are a little complicated, but not beyond kids 8 or 9 and up. They’re so cute the kids will be focused and intent on creating their creatures, making this an engaging craft activity that takes some real time. Don’t be surprised if they want to make more than one animal each, so have enough tubes and other supplies. Keep them happy at their craft with snacks and drinks at their work table, and some tunes playing in the background.

Make sure everybody puts their initials inside their tubes before you move the whole barnyard to your food table for party decorations they’ll all be proud of. Of course, they get to take their creations home, so your party favor is all taken care of.

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