Toilet Paper

TP IceBreaker Game

Toilet Paper

Toilet PaperWould you believe toilet paper can get everybody laughing and talking to each other in a birthday party game? I wouldn’t have believed it either until I found this game on the web.

Not exactly “Truth or Dare”, but it gets them to tell a little something about themselves to get things moving, plus a few giggles about the “TP”. Here’s a shout out to for bringing this fun toilet paper icebreaker game to everybody’s attention for their next kids birthday party.

All this costs you is a roll of TP.  Get the kids together, in a circle if they’re younger, not if they’re older, and pass the roll around with instructions to “take some sheets” with no explanation.  You’ll always have one or two who take as many as they can. and that’s OK, they’ll wish they hadn’t later.

For each sheet they’ve take, instruct the kids to tell one ‘secret’ about themselves to the group. Give some examples so they don’t all panic: “I like ice cream”; “I hate math”; “My shoes are blue sneakers”- the secrets don’t have to be deep and dark, but they WILL break the ice.

And those kids who took a whole handful of TP sheets– that’s a LOT OF SECRETS they have to tell the group, and don’t let them off the hook. That’s part of the fun.

Use this game with a kids birthday party that’s a combination of groups, such as the BFF’s plus the soccer team, or the first boy-girl party, or with a group of young teens to get them past the awkward stage and into having fun.

Even kids parties sometimes need good ice-breaker game, and this is a good one. You KNOW that kids will start with giggles as soon as you bring out the toilet paper, but in this case their silliness is a good thing and to your advantage.

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