Tiki Totems

Tiki MaskGreat for a luau party, but if your guests are the right age for it, let them make your party decorations. Perfect for kids age 9 to 10 and preteens.

Use brown poster board for the totems – I found it at Amazon.

Once turned into a tiki head, roll the posterboard into a cylinder, tape or staple it closed, and have the kids place their masterpiece wherever they want at your party. A few rocks placed inside the cylinder will keep it upright and in place.

Print out examples of tiki masks to give the kids ideas for their own creations.  As you look through these printable masks, you’ll notice that eyes and mouth are always black and open, so black markers are a must. I’d also suggest construction paper in red, black, white, dark blue, dark green, and scissors to cut out the shapes they what to use – almost like a mosaic. Glue will also be required. Or, provide paints for creating the faces.

Decorate your tiki making table with one or two tiki totems you’ve made that also show the kids how to do it. Keep yours simpler than the printouts so they don’t get discouraged before they even start.

If your group isn’t a good age for this craft, either make a few tiki totems yourself for your luau decorations , or do it with your birthday child as a fun project before the party.

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