Thinking Skills that are FUN

Apples to Apples GameGood games that can be played with the family, with siblings and with friends are the just the best kind of birthday gift. With today’s hectic family schedules, it’s great to be able to pull something out of the closet on a moments notice that can get everyone involved when there’s a bit of time to be together having fun.

This “Apples to Apples” comparison game from Mattel is a junior version for kids age 9 and up. Complete with 576 game cards, the game provides hours and hours of fun play.

This game builds both thinking and language/vocabulary skills through fun. The point of the game is to convince the ‘judge’ that your card best fits the control card. To quote from Amazon’s website description:

“The judge starts each round by playing a GREEN APPLE card featuring a one-word characteristic such as Chewy, Amazing or Scary. The rest of the players must then look at the RED APPLE cards in their hands and select the one they think is best described by the judge’s card – will you play A Volcano, Unicorns or Burned Toast?”

But the fun doesn’t end here, it’s just getting started. Each player then tries to convince the judge that theirs is the best fit, and obviously many are real long stretches of the imagination. So the game also builds presentation and logic skills as well as pushing imaginative thinking. The wilder the matches, the more convincing is required, and pretty soon everybody’s into the discussion. That’s a whole lot of skill building from just one game!

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