Themed Cookie Cutters

Pirate Cookie CuttersThink the kids would enjoy a pirate ship shaped PBJ or skull and crossbones jello? This is a simple way to fancy up your birthday food food!

Party themed cookie cutters are available for various party themes– a pirate birthday party, a fairy party, a dinosaur party and with a marine life theme (think Sponge Bob party here), and many other themes as well, and all are reasonable priced. They’re an especially good bargain when you remember that these can be used to make fun shaped cookies anytime, not just use them once for the party and never touch them again.

Each set contains between 4 and 6 cookie cutters.

For the Pirate themed set it’s the skull and crossbones, pirate ship, treasure chest, a medallion and a pirate hat.

The Fairy set (really a princess party set) includes a frog, a frog prince, the castle, a tiara, a wand, a princess cone hat and princess shoe.

Dinos include triceratops, apatosaurus, stegosaurus and, of course, T-Rex.

The farm animals are cat, dog, lamb, cow, pig, duck and chick.

Noah’s Ark animals, perfect for an animal themed party, are horse, elephant, camel, giraffe, kangaroo, and pig.

The zoo animals are monkey, lion, zebra, giraffe and elephant.

The transportation set includes a race car, truck, train, airplane and motorcycle.

The Construction set (think Bob the Builder here) has a hardhat, saw, bulldozer, hammer, wrench and drill shapes.

There’s an insect set with butterfly, caterpillar, ladybug, dragonfly and bee shapes.

There may even be other sets– be sure to scroll through Amazon’s “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section. >[DISCLOSURE: If you make a purchase at Amazon through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon. Seems reasonable to me…..]

You can even turn your themed cookies into a party activity and a party favor– make lots of different colors of cookie icing, provide sprinkles etc, and let the kids decorate your themed cookies to eat and to take home. They can put the icing on with plastic knives- it’s pretty hard for them to hurt themselves with those. And if your birthday child is old enough, have some fun making the cookies together before the party.

Bring an extra smile to the kids faces by using these various cookie cutter sets to coordinate your party theme to your party food and snacks.

If you have other ideas for using themed cookie cutters to enhance your birthday party, please post them here for other parents to see. I just thought of one- trace the shapes onto paper for the kids to color and/or decorate as they wait for everyone to arrive at your party.

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