Themed Concentration Game

SquaresConcentration is a great game, and now you can have the kids create the game before they play it! Two birds with one stone is always better than one – it’s a craft activity as well as a game.

Thanks to lakenewsonline.com/community/blogs for this marvelous idea. Just a tweak or two makes it perfect for a birthday party. You’ll need one  20″ x 30″ piece of foam board from Staples of the craft store, your exacto knife, a metal yard stick and markers.

Cut the foam board into 4″ x 4″ squares– if my math is any good you’ll get 35 squares with a 1/2″ left over on the long edge. You’ll only need 32 of the squares, which will make a game grid of 8 x 4.

Common wisdom is not to have a huge number of party guests for young children, so this game is suitable for a total of 16 kids or less. Based on your theme or any random subject that works for you, put 8 ‘subjects’ on small pieces of paper that the kids can draw out of a bag or a hat.

Markers to ready, have the children all draw their subjects on their 2 squares, making the two squares as alike as possible. Encourage them to make wonderful drawings- the more time they spend on their art, the more engaged they will be.

Collect all the squares, mix them up well, and lay them out on the floor in the 8 x 4 grid to play the game. One child at a time, you play the game master to turn over the squares the child chooses. When they match, the squares stay over; when no match the squares are turned back over and the next child chooses their two squares. Repeat until all the matches have been found.

You may find that since they created the game, they’ll want to mix them up and play it all over again. GREAT!

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