Themed Circle Game

Kid Circle GameThis is one of the preschool birthday party games that’s as old as time but that still plays well. You may have forgotten about this preschool party idea, so lets bring it back into daylight. Always remember that the preschoolers at your party weren’t around when we were kids playing this game, so it’s all new to them!

Have a small prop of some kind that reflects your theme. A pirate bandana for a pirate birthday party. The crown or tiara for your princess birthday party. A stuffed animal for your safari party or jungle party. A ticket for your carnival party. This works with virtually any party theme. You’ll also need a bandana or handkerchief for a blindfold.

Have the kids sit in a circle with the birthday child in the center, blindfolded. You join the kids in the circle for this first round that shows them how to play. Place the themed prop in front of the blindfolded child. Carefully and quietly, sneak up and take the prop away and hide it behind another child’s back, all the while silently ‘shushing’ all the kids in the circle. Then ask the child in the center of the circle to remove their blindfold and choose who took the prop- all without moving from the center of the circle. Once the child guesses the thief,  the thief goes to the center to play the game again. Let them play as long as they’re interested, then move on.

Simple instructions to follow, quick moving, this has all the prerequisites for a preschool party game.

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