Birthday Cake

The Real Meaning of Birthdays

Birthday CakeAs I prepare for the first summer weather 3 day weekend, I remind myself of the real meaning and purpose of Memorial Day. It’s not to eat burgers in the backyard, but rather to honor our fallen heroes. It pales in comparison, but it’s also appropriate to remember the real meaning of your child’s birthday and not get too caught up in the less meaningful stuff. My thanks to for putting it so eloquently- here’s the link to go read it.

First and foremost, every birthday is a celebration “with joy and gratitude for each passing year of that child’s health and aliveness”.   Secondly, it’s a special time together with those that share in that joy of the child’s existence- the family “sharing special time together and evolving your family’s unique traditions for holidays and birthdays [that] are important ways to honor and solidify the bonds of love and connection”. I suggest that these are words worth remembering.

Sure, our kids want a birthday party, but that party and it’s preparation and expense should never overshadow the celebration of family, it’s traditions, and of the individual child. The message here is to keep the party in perspective. It’s not really what the birthday is about- it’s important, but secondary.

So don’t make yourself crazy, or broke, for the birthday party.

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