The Qwirkle Board Game

QwirkleAnother great game hits the list of great kids birthday gifts. It’s reasonably priced, an easy game to learn yet not so simple to master and it engages those brain cells.

Or, make it a gift to your own family since Qwirkle teases the brains of everyone over the recommended age of 6: it’s not just fun for the kids.

Think Scrabble without the letters, and without the words. More math than language as it’s all about pattern recognition and pattern building, just as scrabble is about word recognition and word building. Using 108 wooden blocks (or tiles, as in Scrabble) with 6 different colors and 6 different shapes, points are scored by building lines that share a common attribute of color or shape. Strategic thinking is a key component of the game play.

Qwirkle has won a pile of awards from both gaming and parent organizations. And if you check out the reviews from parents on Amazon, regular families are having lots of fun together with this game and the kids are also enjoying it greatly on their own and with their friends.

Let’s not forget that board games provide interaction with real people– not just a computer screen and animated graphics, making Qwirkle a good gift to get kids away from all their electronic gizmos.

birthday gifts that give fun, build thinking skills, provide a family-together kids activity are the real winners. So when you buy one as a gift, get one for yourselves and have some fun together!

Do share with a comment any other good family games that double as good kids party gifts.

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