The Power of No

GiftsAn important reminder about giving our kids too much:

The Power of No-MSN Living-Mom’s Homeroom.

With all the advertisements working to get us to make the retail industry more profitable, it’s important to sit back and really evaluate what we parents are doing. The messages we are sending to our kids with our holiday generosity.

Is it realistic for our young children to be taught to expect to get everything they want? Is that how life works? Is that how life works even for kids? If they learn early on that parents provide every little thing, when and how do they learn that parents don’t and can’t?

One of life’s most valuable lessons is to find the joy in what we have. The holidays are the perfect time to begin to impart this lesson to our kids. Certainly, make them happy and show your love with the holiday gifts. Show how much you really care by making sure they don’t get absolutely everything they want.

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