The Pirate Map

Pirate MapThe new/next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is coming out soon, so you just know pirate birthday parties are going to be the big thing this summer. And the folks over at Invitation Box have come up with a winning invite for your pirate celebration. I don’t have permission to use their graphic, so follow the link above to take a look, and purchase if you so choose.

But with your computer and few minutes searching for graphics, you can make your own equally wonderful invitation. Just do a search on google images for ‘pirate maps’ and you’ll find quite a few to choose from. While it would be nice to have the map frame your words (i.e. the center of the map be blank so you can put in your invite text), there’s a good way around this problem. Print the map on the front of your invitation and your text on the back. Simple solution.

I confess to really liking the pirate stripe background that Invitation Box has used, and Word will allow you to do that too. Create your first red stripe using Words rectangle shape on their Drawing toolbar, and fill it in red with the paint bucket on the same drawing toolbar. Copy and then paste that first stripe to fill the page with red and white stripes. Then, insert your map graphic and format it in layout to be in front of the text, size it and you’ve got your stripes behind your map. Not so hard, eh?

You can get your guests plenty excited about your next pirate birthday party with a homemade invitation. If you’re short on time, it’s sure nice to know you can get them online, but if you’ve got a few minutes at your computer you can create equally terrific invitations.

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