The Perplexus Maze

PerplexusWhen you have to ration that amount of time the kids are allowed to play with a toy to insure that everyone gets a turn, you know you’ve found one of the winners among the ideas for birthday gifts for kids. And time limits is exactly what one reviewer on Amazon tells us they have to do with this wonderful Perplexus maze toy.

Perplexus is a three dimensional maze housed in a clear plastic ball. There are various tracks to choose from with over 100 barriers to negotiate by twisting and turning the container to direct the marble along the pathways.

As much fun as this toy is, it’s also educational and skill building. As they play with the maze, kids get real quiet and focused and concentrate really hard- obviously a great skill to learn. Successful play with Perplexus requires thinking skills to identify the pathway and maneuver the orb using gravity to direct the marble, and it uses small motor skills to do so.

For kids age 6 and up, the quiet focus required to play Perplexus makes it the ideal thing for waiting rooms, car rides, and such. So the parents of your gift recipients will appreciate it too.

No batteries, no annoying sound effects, not too big to shlepp, under $20 as of this writing, what’s not to love about this new idea for a┬ábirthday present?

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