Orange Battle

The Orange Battle

Orange BattleHooray for the great ideas people share on Squidoo and thanks to kappuke-ki for sharing this marvelous game that’s just perfect for those hard to please teens. Yes, younger kids can play it too, but they won’t bring the same amount of theatrics and panache to make it just that much more fun.

All it takes are two oranges, 4 normal sized spoons, about a 12′ diameter circular ‘field’ on your grass and your party teenagers. Use tape, a garden hose, or flour to mark out the circle in your grass. 2 players then face off within the circle with a spoon in each hand and an orange on one of the spoons.

Think fencing here: the object of the game is to separate the opponent from his orange without getting separated from yours. Use the free spoon to defend your orange. Step out of the circle and it’s automatic disqualification. Lose your orange, lose the game. Matches can be best 2 out of 3 if you wish.

You can have several circles and several games going simultaneously, winners facing off in the finals, or one game at a time with challengers taking on the winner of each game until you have a champion. Or, just two circles working up to the final between the winners of each of those games.

I’d suggest demonstrating the game for the kids before they start, and hamming it up when you do so.

This is a perfect gameĀ for any group of teens- be it all boys or all girls or a mixed group, and perfect for a summer, backyard get-together.

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