The Marshmallow Challenge

Marshmalow Construction

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Here’s a challenge birthday party game for your Bob the Builder or any other group of  boys, or girls. Lets get a little geometry going here!

This craft activity translates nicely into a crafty game for a birthday party, and thanks to the ultra creative Pink and Green Mama for this idea. It’s the best kind of game- one that requires imagination and creativity. And if the kids are set to the task in pairs, it also requires them to work together and coordinate their actions. When the brain is so engaged, the kids get doubly engrossed in the activity and that makes it easier for everybody.

You’ll need to supply the kids with lots of toothpicks and mini marshmallows, but that’s it for supplies. Make a coupe of examples as in the photo and then challenge them to build the biggest, tallest, widest construction. Or challenge them to create a ‘thing’ such as a race car, a house, an airplane. The older the kids, the more challenging the projects can become.

You can even have the kids come up with the construction projects– and this adds a whole ‘nother level to the challenge. Whether you task them to think of things to build that are related to your party theme or not depends on your theme. Tell the kids to come up with ideas that aren’t too hard because they themselves might be required to build it. Put all the ideas on scraps of paper, put them in a container and have the kids draw from the container and then get to work. Have them work solo or in teams- that’s your call. Do remind them that toothpicks can be broken to get different lengths.

Think of this as a ‘sticky’ Lego building birthday party game– and we all know how much kids like building with Legos. And do expect some sugar fueled sillies, just as Pink and Green Mama got from her girls with this project.

Adding in the challenge element to this relatively simple hands on craft activity turns it into an engaging game for the kids at your party. Get those brains going and you’ll be amazed what they’ll come up with, and they’ll be pleased with themselves to boot. Busy and happy- the two criteria for good party games.

Can you think of any way to improve on this activity for use as a birthday party game? Themes other than Bob the Builder that it might work especially well with? If so, please post you ideas in the comments.

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