Lego Invitation

The Cutest Lego Invitation

Lego InvitationAllison Waken’s Lego birthday party invitation is just the best and she’s kindly made it available for download for your personal use at your next Lego birthday party. A BIG Thank You!!

She provides the graphics in the download- you need to purchase the tri-fold paper. The paper measures 5.75″ square tri-fold and is available at select Michaels craft stores. You can see it online here.

It appears from reading the post comments that if you want to change the figures from those she provides in the download, it does require some computer savvy and a graphics manipulation program, but it can be done. The trick will be taking the photos of your Lego figures, properly sizing them and getting them to align properly for the flip to the different views- which is, of course, what’s so much fun about this invitation.

You can’t see it well from this graphic, but your party particulars go on the middle piece of the tri-fold paper that’s revealed when the other two parts are flipped away. It’s also not obvious, but the kids get to play mix and match with this invitation by flipping the top portions away (note the cut into 3 pieces) to reveal a different Lego man underneath. This is the ‘fun’ part. All terribly clever and my hats off to Allison.

As always, a clever party invitation goes a long way toward getting your guests into the groove and ready to fully engage in the activities you have planned. So- it’s definitely worth spending a little extra time to make this unique and ‘get them excited’ invite to your Lego party.

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