Paper Airplane

The Best Paper Airplane

Paper AirplaneMy dad was a pilot in the Air Force, so OF COURSE we flew paper airplanes. So very low tech. So very much fun. Even in today’s high tech world. Perhaps especially in todays high tech world where the kids don’t usually partake of these low tech, old fashioned games. – they’ve never done a lot of this stuff that we did back in the day.


How to Make the Best Paper Airplane

Got a playdate or a group of kids or a birthday party needing another activity?┬áPaper airplanes might be just the thing. For a party, they can follow you along in making their own planes. Have them decorate their planes so they can easily distinguish one from the other. Then, head outside (or in the basement) for plane races. Have a target they aim for and see who comes closest. Outdoors, see whose plane goes the farthest. Hang a hula hoop from a tree limb and have the kids try to fly their planes through the hoop. Who can get their plane up the highest? Expect that they’ll want to have several heats so that more than one kids gets a win.

Not sure why, but my dad always put a paperclip on the nose of the paper airplane and then futzed around with it’s position to get the straightest flight- you might want to make this an option for your airplane competition.

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