The Bagel Snake

Bagel Snake

Photo from “Mail OnLine”

Your party kids will love this healthful bagel snake, so thanks to Annabel Karmel at the Daily Mail Online for sharing it. He’s perfect for your animal party or jungle party or safari party, or just for fun at any party.

Cut your bagels in half in both directions and link them together to form the curves for your snake. Top with egg salad and tuna salad for the sandwich snake as pictured here. The garnish is cherry tomato halves and olives for the eyes and sweet red pepper for the forked snake tongue. Strips of fresh chive in an ‘x’ pattern adorn the body of the snake. Nothing difficult about this guy at all.

Top your snake with cream cheese for more of a snack snake instead of a sandwich snake. Or use peanut putter for a sandy-colored snack snake. Use a skewer to draw snakeskin patterns in your cream cheese/peanut butter. Still use the olives and pepper for the eyes and tongue.

Feel free to cut the bagel quarters into even smaller pieces if you want. Just still line them all up as shown into the curves for the snake body.

Present your bagel snake on something green to resemble the grass he slithers through. If you don’t have a green tray, get some green cellophane and cover a cutting board. Or, layer green construction paper on that cutting board and cover that with plastic wrap. Snipped parsley or chives add the perfect touch to this green background.

Party food that’s easy and fun and inexpensive; it makes your party prep that much easier for you.

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