Terrible Terrier Cupcakes

This instructional video was featured on AOL on Sunday and I knew these cute little cupcake guys were perfect for any animals party. What group of children, boys or girls, could resist these charming ‘faces’?

And they’re not nearly as hard to make as they might look. All you need are store bought vanilla and chocolate icing, a zip top freezer bag (small size), scissors, full size and mini marshmallows, M&M’s, red starbursts, red decorating sugar, and your cupcakes.

Have some fun and make these cuties ahead of time with your birthday child.

Even better, if your party is for 9 and 10 year olds, even preteens, have the kids make the terrier cupcakes as one of your birthday party games. You can make one along with the kids so they can copy what you do. Or, left click on the video and you’ll see a chain icon appear in the upper right- left click on it and get the link for the video that you can then set up to play on your laptop on the terrier making table so the kids can watch and then go at it.

Just get a plastic tablecloth to contain the mess and let them have some creative fun. I’d suggest you have plenty of the ready made icing as each child will need a bag with both the vanilla and chocolate.

Adorable animal cupcakes that you can turn into a game for the older kids gives you a two-for-one activity.

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