Tail Tag

SnakeAnother good birthday party game for the young ones at your outdoor camping birthday party or just plain old camp out or backyard birthday party. I’d think this game best for preschool age kids or young elementary school age 6 to 8. Thanks to birthdaypartyides4kids for this one.

Have the kids all hold hands in one big line, and instruct them that they MUST keep hold with both hands throughout the game. The exception being, of course, the first kid in the line and the last. Designate which is which.

The object of the game is for the head of the line to ‘tag’ the last one in the line– the tail. Picture a long skinny dog chasing his tail – although birthday partyideas4kids calls this rattlesnake tag. The object for the tail is obviously to avoid getting tagged. All while everybody’s holding onto the hands on either side.

Once ‘tagged’, the tail becomes the head of the line and the previous head of the line moves down to #2, etc. Keep it going until everyone has had a chance at both the front and the end of the line.

If this game morphs into a rousing game of ‘crack the whip’, which is also a lot of fun, just make sure there’s plenty of room with no obstacles to hit as kids get shaken off the line. For those who have forgotten this one, the front of the line tries to shake loose the back of the line using a whip like motion. There’s a great explanation of it on Wikipedia.

No cost party¬†games, with no preparation required. Doesn’t get any easier than this yet it’s still great fun for the kids. Win-Win.

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