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30 Felt Toys

Homemade Felt Toys

30 Felt Toys Here are 30 ideas for toys you can make from colorful, wonderful felt– even a link to get the felt. We all remember felt boards in school, but there’s no reason felt play/learning can’t be had in the home as well.

Homemade Toys & Learning Activities from Felt – Buggy and Buddy.

Ideas from paper/felt dolls with clothes to storyboards, most with no sewing because felt doesn’t fray when cut.

I like the idea of making these for gifts– homemade always says you care.


Toy Train

Early Problem Solving with Trains

Toy TrainUse their train play to train their brains!

What to do with Kids | Early Problem Solving with Trains | Inner Child Fun

The train tracks are a perfect prop for thinking about spatial relationships, how to get from A to B, and using those brain cells to think through a problem that won’t even look like it’s a problem, rather just part of the fun.

This is a good idea from handsonaswegraow.com, posting on the innerchildfun.com blog.


Best STEM Toys

ScientistStem=Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You already have and will be hearing about STEM a lot with respect to the education of our kids. And here’s a listing of the best toys to stimulate scientific thinking that’s still fun and enjoyable for the kids.

Golden Apple Awards | GreatSchools

Remember these when you have to run and get a birthday present for one of the many parties your kids go to. You’ve got to spend the money on these gifts anyways, so why not make them worthwhile?

Coin Roller

DIY Coin Roller Toy

Coin Roller

photo from madebyjoel.com

I just discovered this madebyjoel.com website and it’s a treasure trove of imaginative d0-it-yourself ideas for playthings for kids.

Like this cereal box coin roller. I know how many quarters we ended up putting in those spinning coin rollers at places like the zoo- kids are fascinated by this type of movement. So fascinate your little ones at home, no quarters required, just poker chips or small plastic lids or wooden coins you buy at the craft store or make and sand and paint.

Do follow the link to the toy slot box shoebox toy using the same wooden coins. For very little investment on your part, it’s a marvelous and fun size sorting activity for the little ones.

And this creative guy’s book looks wonderful– a delightful present for parents of young children. It includes 35 projects covering a variety of types of crafts and toys. All are designed to encourage open-ended play that encourages imagination and creativity yet are simple to make and require little time investment.

Include some simple home-made toys in your child’s activities– they’re cheap and they send a loving message that ‘you made this for me!’.

Jack In The Box

Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids

Jack In The BoxPass this along to anyone it would help- there’s a Toys R Us ‘toy guide’ for differently abled kids’. Lots of guidance toward playthings that help develop specific skills, check out the about section, the shop by skill section as well as the guide itself. Thanks to lilsugar.com for bringing this resource to everyone’s attention.


Switch And Go Dino

Switch and Go Dino

Switch And Go DinoThis new VTech toy looks like a good bet for boys between the age of 3 and 8- as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Here’s Silver the T-Rex, but he has other dinosaur friends as well. He’s a transformer type, going from vehicle to dinosaur in a few simple steps. There are both dinosaur and vehicle sounds as well as over 50 phrases where he tells about his dino life, imparting dino facts and fodder for imagination play. This is at a price point that’s perfect for those birthday party gifts every parent needs to buy, seemingly all the time.


The Perplexus Maze

PerplexusWhen you have to ration that amount of time the kids are allowed to play with a toy to insure that everyone gets a turn, you know you’ve found one of the winners among the ideas for birthday gifts for kids. And time limits is exactly what one reviewer on Amazon tells us they have to do with this wonderful Perplexus maze toy.

Perplexus is a three dimensional maze housed in a clear plastic ball. There are various tracks to choose from with over 100 barriers to negotiate by twisting and turning the container to direct the marble along the pathways.

As much fun as this toy is, it’s also educational and skill building. As they play with the maze, kids get real quiet and focused and concentrate really hard- obviously a great skill to learn. Successful play with Perplexus requires thinking skills to identify the pathway and maneuver the orb using gravity to direct the marble, and it uses small motor skills to do so.

For kids age 6 and up, the quiet focus required to play Perplexus makes it the ideal thing for waiting rooms, car rides, and such. So the parents of your gift recipients will appreciate it too.

No batteries, no annoying sound effects, not too big to shlepp, under $20 as of this writing, what’s not to love about this new idea for a birthday present?

Pillow Pets

Panda Pillow PetA snugly friend will always be a welcome and well-loved gift. Choose from a variety of animal buddies that are also soft child size pillows. Amazon even has some of these cute guys at a discount from the listed retail price if you’re looking for a bargain gift that will still be a hit.

These guys are made out of soft chenille and, most importantly for any treasured plush, they’re washable on the gentle cycle and then are to be air dried. Listed for age 3 and up.

Just undo the velcro on the belly and these guys open out to pillow and snooze size. A great car and travel companion, and of course a bedtime buddy.

[DISCLOSURE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon. Seems reasonable to me…..]

Most all children LOVE their stuffed animals, so these animal pillow pets are an easy gift to select and give. See the different ones here on Amazon. Given their universal appeal, having one or two of these cuties stashed away in a closet for the next birthday party gift ’emergency’ would be a really good idea. Especially since cuddly friends work for kids well through the elementary school years (in fact, we have one very gray one eyed rabbit that’s going to college!).