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Spa Party for the Princesses

FacialWho says only pre-schoolers need to be treated like Princesses or that a princess party is only for the really young girls? Give your older girls the royal treatment with a Spa Party!

Here’s a shout out to the blog post that started me thinking about a spa theme – frugal upstate.com.

Have a start-off craft activity like decorating dollar store flip flops with flowers, pompoms, whatever you see at the craft store that’s reasonable and can be glued. Use fast drying glue of some kind that’s not as dangerous for none-to-careful kids as a glue gun. If you use krazy glue or another instant bonding glue, a box of cheap latex gloves from the hardware store might prevent problems.

Dollar store hair brushes and combs for your goody bags can be used for the hair salon portion of your spa party. Buy various colors of nail polish as cheaply as you can, and between hair styling and manicures and pedicures, the kids will have a great time. Be sure to get the cotton to put between their toes so it’s all authentic. If you find any make-up samplers at the dollar store, let them do their faces as well.

Have lots of towels so they can then clean their faces thoroughly before enjoying their very own grown-up facials – cucumbers for their eyes and all. You can find a whole host of great recipes for facials using just supermarket items that you can prepare ahead of time for the girls to use. I even found instructions for making hot towels (or washcloths for their smaller faces) to complete their royal treatment: wet the cloth with cold water, wring out 85-90% of the water, then microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Wave it around a bit to cool it slightly so it’s not uncomfortable – check the temp on your skin before passing it along to the kids.

Background music is a must – just like at the spa. Another mom or two, or big sisters to help with all the beauty creation and I bet everybody will have a good time. Get the kids to give YOU all facials after they’ve had theirs.