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Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape Nails

Scotch Tape NailsUse narrow strips of scotch tape to create marvelous colorful patterns instead of a same-old manicure. Saves your money at the nail salon and keeps your teen or pre-teen girls busy having fun.

Fashion Worship

Give them this picture when they’re hanging out needing something to do, having a bunch of friends over for a sleepover, or at their spa party.

You might want to test with peelable labels instead of scotch tape, as it would be easier for them to handle the narrow strips than if cut from scotch tape.


Nail Polish

Nail Art Ideas

Nail PolishWhether your doing the little ones fingers or the big ones are doing it to each other, you’ll find a treasure of ideas for Nail Art here on Sally Hansen’s contest page:

Sally Hansen | I Heart Nail Art

Copy or be inspired- it’s all fun. And it’s the PERFECT addition to a spa party for the girls. Also great to eat up some time at a sleepover party.

Spa Recipes

Corrie’s Kitchen Spa

Spa Recipes5 marvelous ideas for DIY gifts you and your daughter can concoct for relatives and friends, and have wonderful together time doing the making.

Corrie’s Kitchen Spa — Pauladeen.com

You know Grandma’s and Aunts will  cherish something made by your child way more than virtually anything you can buy. And what woman doesn’t enjoy a little pampering with special beauty products?

Have some fun making and then packaging them up all pretty. Your daughter may even want to give these a birthday gifts to their friends.

Or give as favors when you have your spa birthday party.

Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies

These would make the perfect gift from your daughter to grandma or aunt, and be loads of fun for you to make together. Remember these come gift-giving time- the holidays and birthdays. Also fun to give to any friend that loves ‘girly’ stuff.

Bath Fizzies – Martha Stewart Crafts

Make a whole batch and give these as favors at your spa birthday party. Do save some for yourself.

Spa Party Favor

Spa Party Favor

Spa Party FavorThe perfect presentation for your spa party take-home favor. There’s a template for making the cute little box container out of card stock with a pretty sticker or clip art graphic from the web glued to the front. That’s all it takes!

RunningwScissorsStamper: 3-D Thursday: Club Appreciation Gifts.

The nail files are inexpensive to buy, and although nail polish is a bit pricey for kids favors, inexpensive plastic bottles filled with the body scrub or whatever potion they’ve made at your spa party will do nicely. Pretty little ribbons and tags complete the package.


Homemade Bodyscrub

Homemade Bodyscrub for your Spa Birthday Party

Homemade BodyscrubSend the kids home from your spa party with bath goodies for Mom, sis, themselves, or all of the above.

How to make bodyscrub at home: an inexpensive handmade gift | Domestic Goddesque.

Both scrub recipes here can be mixed up by the kids- they’re easy, and if you provide the jars and decorative materials, they’ll have fun making their ‘gifts’ all pretty. FYI- you can order the  demerara sugar on-line, or probably find it at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s- google it.

If you want to take this more into the adult world as nice homemade gifts, check these out: handmade lotion, lip balm and more.


Nail Polish

Nail Polish Roulette

Nail PolishDon’t just paint their nails, or let them do it, play Nail Polish Roulette. Make a fun game out of this spa or sleepover party girls’ staple.

Thanks to nzwomansweekly.co.nz for this idea– i just added a few embellishments.

It’s a play on ‘spin the bottle’, except the bottle is a bottle of nail polish- the base coat or the top coat, no color. Arrayed around the spin bottle in a circle, you’ll have 10 – 12 different colored bottles of nail polish. Place a penny or some small marker by 3 or 4 of these bottles- these are the doublers.

With the girls also arrayed in a circle, each one spins the spinner bottle and whatever colored bottle of polish it ends up pointing to, they get one nail done in that color. If that color has the doubler marker on it, that girl gets a 2nd spin and that second color gets added to the first as stripes or dots or squiggles or a flower on that nail. Use bamboo skewers to make the dots and stripes.

When all is said and done, all the girls will have different colored nails, some with fun designs in different colors. and everyone will be delighted with their decoration. If they’re young, you’ll need a couple of helpers to do the nails. If they’re old enough, let them do each other- the girl to the right of the spinner does the painting, so there’s no arguments about who does what to whom.


Spa Fun

FacialFor those young teens and preteen girls that want to be ‘all grown up’ at your next slumber  party, here’s two recipes for marvelous spa treatments they can whip up and use while they chit chat and giggle. During the warm summer weather, you can even include this  hair treatment that they can wash out outside with the hose rather than messing up all your bathrooms. Now THAT’S a good thing!

The hair treatment requires 1/2 an avocado, 1 tablespoon of olive oil (probably you shouldn’t use the most expensive extra virgin for this), 1 egg and shower caps for each girl. Show them how then let them scoop out and mash the avocado with the oil and egg, massage it in, cap it over with their shower caps and hang out for 20 minutes while the concoction does it’s magic. Then they shampoo and condition as per normal – but outside. You provide the towels and a couple of blow dryers for them to share and they’ll be busy for at least an hour.

While their hair is getting nourished, the girls can do their face masks. This recipe calls for an egg, sunflower oil, corn starch, sea salt, honey and milk, and you can find the face mask and the hair treatment recipe at beautylish.com. This too takes 15 to 20 minutes to work, so it’s perfect to do while the hair treatment is working.

Add in a bunch of different colors of nail polish they can apply, and the girls will have a wonderful and beautiful time with these spa treatments at your spa slumber party.


These very elegant party strawberries are fit for a king as well as for your young birthday party guests. Easy to make, beautiful to serve, and healthy to boot! Great combination.

I use the pre-packaged hardening shell chocolate you find right in the fruit section of the supermarket. All you do is microwave and stir, repeat a few times, then dip your dry but clean berries and let them harden on some foil or wax paper. But if your market doesn’t have the microwaveable dip,  here’s an easy recipe to do it yourself.

These are of course the perfect birthday party food for your Strawberry Shortcake party, but they are equally perfect for your elegant princess party or tea party or spa party.

Have your birthday child cut out a big ‘snowflake’ to the size of your serving tray to make the berries look their best. Or, spring for a doily from the party store.

If your birthday is for pre-teens or tweens, let them make these from scratch (as per the recipe, not the microwaveable package), including all the berry washing. Also terrific as a slumber party cooking activity.

Pineapple chunks are also quite delicious dipped in chocolate– just make sure they are very dry before your coat them. Small pretzels too. Make an assortment to serve.

And do feel free to use these elegant chocolate covered fruits at your next adult party too– I’ve done it and they’re always a big hit.

Pretty party food always tastes best, and these chocolate covered strawberries make the top of the list  as elegant, beautiful and tasty.

Spa Science

Spa Science

Spa Science This is a great gift for a girl OR a great addition to your spa party for the girls.

This is fun science, geared directly at girls. They can create pampering spa products right in your kitchen with the recipes provided and ingredients from your pantry. No harsh chemicals! And, they’ll learn some science while creating any of the dozen different spa products featured. These include glitter gel, bath salts, avacodo face mask, body scrubs, scented stones, fairy dust. Illustrations make it easy for the kids to follow the instructions. The science behind the products is sprinkled throughout, so they’ll learn and not even realize it.

As one of your birthday party games for your spa party, this is perfect. The kids can work in small groups of two or three to make a few different products, and then enjoy what they’ve created as they do their spa-ing (just stay away from the bath items). You could have them make some to take home as well- even provide boxes and wrapping paper to take them home as a gift for their moms. If you do this, count on them spending some time making their packages pretty so provide lots of curing ribbon and pretty paper.

As either a gift or one of your spa party activities, the Smart Lab all-natural Spa Lab will provide good learning fun for the girls.