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Bag Game

Bag and Box Games for Sleepover Parties

Bag GameTwo great games to blow off some energy at your next sleepover party for the young ones- up to about pre-teen. Silly games they play in their pajamas and get laughing and hopefully a little tired! All you need are paper lunch or grocery bags, empty rectangular tissue boxes, ping pong balls, some belts and duck or other strong tape. Big ‘Thanks’ to Tammy over at housingaforest.com for coming up with these marvelous, silly games that will work so very well at a birthday or slumber party.

Minute to Win It family Night

The Bag Game simply involves moving varying heights of paper bags from the floor to a table using only teeth. Being low to the ground is definitely a help here. Since you don’t want to spread germs by having the kids re-use the same paper bags, have lots ready. Make a contest out of who gets which bag to move (taller/easier or shorter/harder) by drawing straws. rolling dice, anything that gets the job done. This also adds another dimension to the game. Play it individually or in teams- time how long it takes to accomplish the task and if playing in teams, add up the times to determine the winner.

The Box Game is a variation on the silly-shake game, and music would be an ideal accompaniement. Remove the plastic from the opening in the tissue boxes and slit them so you can weave a belt through- reinforce with tape. Place the empty boxes around each child’s waist, box facing to the back, and load each one up with 4 or 5 ping pong balls- same number for every child. Divide them into two teams, each on a different side of the room. Start the music and have them shake the ping pong balls out of the boxes. First team to fully unload wins the game. They’ll love it!!

You can certainly use these games during any party, but they’re about perfect for a slumber party.

Duck Tape Rose Pen

Duck Tape Rose Pen

Duck Tape Rose Pen

photo from duckbrand.com

I just had to follow up the decorated pencil craft activity with this more complex pen craft for older girls. Too cool, and will they ever love showing their creations off at school! Oh- the things you can do with duck tape, and now that duck tape comes in all these pretty colors and patterns it’s even more fun!

Thanks to duckbrand.com for a full tutorial on making these flower pen tops. They’re far simpler than they appear, but will require more focus than young girls are likely to have, so I’d suggest this craft for tweens. This would be a great sleepover party activity as it will take some time and there’s more than enough of that at an all night party. Just provide the scissors, the tape and the pens, plus the tunes and the snacks.

Have the tutorial available to the girls on your iPad or laptop so they can follow along to make their pens. Do suggest they browse through the duck brand.com site as there’s lots of other crafty activities there that might engage them. Who knows what they’ll decide to make?



Jersey Knit Bracelets

Jersey Knit Bracelets

Jersey Knit BraceletsA somewhat challenging craft that will keep your pre-teen slumber party girls engaged for quite a while. But with the excellent picture tutorial for making these cute bracelets out of old t-shirts, they’ll do fine. Just set it up on a laptop (or 2 if you’ve got them) for the group to learn how.

Your invitation should request each girl to bring one or even two old and colorful t-shirts that they are willing to cut up. Or, if like me you’ve got a million of these stashed up in the attic, you can provide the raw materials. Tie-died tshirts will make very cool bracelets. And, grab some fake jewels and fabric glue at the craft store to embellish the bracelets.

The girls will need scissors to cut their 1″ fabric strips and to make the slits in the ends to fasten the strips together to get enough length for the bracelets. After that, it’s all in the fingers, and mastering this technique will be their challenge. I’d recommend advising the kids to start with the 2 finger bracelet and once they’ve figured that out they can move on to the 3 or 4 fingered (wider) bracelets.

Anything that keeps sleepover girls focused on something other than gossip and their phones is a winner in my book. And they’ll all take these home and wear them as a momento of a fun party.

Princess Paper Dolls

Princess Paper Dolls

Princess Paper DollsWhat a great ‘wind-’em-down’ slumber party activity for the girls– many thanks to kidsactivityblog.com for a great idea and the princess paper doll template to make it all happen. This is age appropriate for girls perhaps age 6 to age 8.

Cut the template figures out of cereal box cardboard ahead of time, and paint the faces (above the neckline) appropriately. Leave the faces and googly eyes for the kids but doing this ahead of time means no waiting for paint to dry. Print and cut out more than one dress template for each girl on card stock so it can be used and re-used for tracing. Have the craft sticks, hair yarn, pipe cleaners (arms), and pretty/colorful paper for the dresses and lots of scissors all ready to go. I suggest sequins, glitter glue, narrow ribbon, scraps of lace and anything else you can think of for decorations too. Make a few models yourself to inspire the girls to get creative.

Set it all out on your protected table or on a messy mat on the floor and let them go at it. They can, of course, create multiple outfits for their princesses, and multiple princesses if they so choose. Should keep them busy working and chatting and getting silly for a good amount of time during that looonnngg…. slumber party night.

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Roulette

Nail PolishDon’t just paint their nails, or let them do it, play Nail Polish Roulette. Make a fun game out of this spa or sleepover party girls’ staple.

Thanks to nzwomansweekly.co.nz for this idea– i just added a few embellishments.

It’s a play on ‘spin the bottle’, except the bottle is a bottle of nail polish- the base coat or the top coat, no color. Arrayed around the spin bottle in a circle, you’ll have 10 – 12 different colored bottles of nail polish. Place a penny or some small marker by 3 or 4 of these bottles- these are the doublers.

With the girls also arrayed in a circle, each one spins the spinner bottle and whatever colored bottle of polish it ends up pointing to, they get one nail done in that color. If that color has the doubler marker on it, that girl gets a 2nd spin and that second color gets added to the first as stripes or dots or squiggles or a flower on that nail. Use bamboo skewers to make the dots and stripes.

When all is said and done, all the girls will have different colored nails, some with fun designs in different colors. and everyone will be delighted with their decoration. If they’re young, you’ll need a couple of helpers to do the nails. If they’re old enough, let them do each other- the girl to the right of the spinner does the painting, so there’s no arguments about who does what to whom.


Make ‘Em Laugh

KittyThis simple game can be adapted to virtually any party theme. That being said, it works particularly well at a ‘Hello Kitty’ or animal themed party or a slumber party where they can play in the PJ’s, and is best with girls.

Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle, one child in the center – perhaps start with the birthday girl in the middle. The girl in the center gets on their hands and knees and moves around the circle like a cat, choosing one person from the circle to walk to and meow at three times.

The chosen person has to pat the ‘cat’ on the head and say “Poor Kitty” 3 times- without laughing. Of course, the kitty is doing everything in her power to get the other one to laugh- rubbing up against her like a cat, meowing, flexing her claws, whatever she can think to do.

Once she gets the laugh, that person becomes the kitty. If no laugh, she has to try someone else.

If a cat doesn’t jive with your party theme, make it something else or nothing at all but with the same objective of getting the laugh. The older the kids are, the more you can put it to their imagination to come up with whatever they think will make the other kids laugh- younger kids need more direction like being told to act like a “whatever”.

I’d forgotten all about this simple  game, so thanks to the blogger(s) over at youwillneed.com for the reminder.


Summer Outdoor Party Games – 2

GhostSummer=Summer Camp=Ghost Stories around the campfire: perfect for a summer slumber party. We even did this in the dead of winter indoors for a summer camp party and it was a big hit with the girls.

It needs to be dark for ghost stories to be sufficiently effective. A good time for this activity is when you’re beginning to get them settled down for the night and the physical, running around part of the slumber party is over.

Instruct your invitees to bring a 2 to 3 minute ghost story with them to the party– it can be either written down to be read or they know it and can recite it. Depending on the size of your party, divide the kids into groups of 3 to 5 kids, separated by some distance so they can’t hear each other. Each child will deliver their story to the small group- 5 kids, 3 minutes each, that’s probably 20 minutes.

The small groups will vote which story is the ‘best’, and that representative of each small group will deliver their story to the whole party group – around your campfire if you’ve got one going. If you’ve got a fire pit, great. If you’re somewhere where you can make a campfire, great. If neither, no matter. Don’t forget the s’mores!!

Not too sure how well this activity will go down with boys, but you moms of boys will know. Upper elementary school aged girls, age 9 to 10, and middle school preteens are developmentally ready for this challenge.

This activity has worked forever at summer camps and it will delight your slumber party guests too.

Drive In Movie Night

Drive In Movie Night Party Plan

Drive In Movie NightA delightful plan for a movie based sleepover party that keeps both kids and mess at least somewhat contained. BRILLIANT!! Thanks to partiesandholidays.blogspot.com for sharing the entire party plan that I’m passing along to you here.

Not too sure today’s kids even know what a Drive-In Movie is, but no matter, they’ll have fun. All you need to do is have the featured movie, boxes at least somewhat big enough to hold the kids, your snacks, butcher paper, paper plates for wheels and headlights (or construction paper circles). Make sure your invitation says to bring their pillows and blankets.

Cover the boxes with the butcher paper and affix the wheels and headlights. Let the kids decorate their cars as a craft project. Either give them markers and crayons or magazines for pictures to glue on. Construction paper and scissors can also be used to create stick ons.

Instead of just having food, I love the idea here of having the kids buy their food and movie ticket with the play money you give them when they arrive– just makes it all more interesting. You can download and print doll bills from here. Create a ticket box out of whatever you’ve got around the house- a shoebox, a coffee can with a slit in the lid. Download and print tickets here. Print off a movie poster by searching your movie on one of the poster sites on the web, such as all posters.com.

Settle them down to enjoy the show in their cars. Maybe the movie should be Cars? Whatever the show, they’ll enjoy their own little spaces while they watch and munch and chat. This party plan gives that little something extra to a movie – sleepover party making it just more fun for everybody.


Bunco for Teens and Tweens

DiceNot really a casino night dice game, but Bunco is good fun nonetheless.  And it’s probably perfect for a teen or preteen girls slumber party where they can get good and silly.

You need 3 groups of 4 to play, although you can be one short, but no more. You’ll need a nice big stuffed animal to sit in for that missing 4th person. Each group of 4 plays as two teams of 2, needs three dice and a flat throwing surface. In addition, you’ll need a bell like a cow bell and a silly feather boa. Plus score sheets for every player, which you can print off here.

Designate one ‘table’ or group of 4 players the High Table, one the Middle Table and one the Low Table. The bell goes to the High Table. The kids can draw numbers to determine who sits where or they can just sit as they’ll be mixing it up as they play. Players sitting across from each other are a team. (If one team member is that big stuffed animal, the other team member will roll for both team members.) All players get a scoresheet and pencil.

When the High Table rings the bell, play begins. One at a time, they roll the three dice. Every ‘1’ that’s rolled is worth a point on the score sheet, and the dice pass to the next player when no ‘1’s’ are rolled. Play continues until a team at the High Table reaches 21 points, and they yell ‘Bunco!’. If anyone rolls three ‘1’s’ in one roll, they also yell ‘Bunco’, get to wear that silly boa and add 21 points to their team score. Anyone rolling three of any other number in one roll earns a mini-bunco and that team gets 5 points- no boa.

When the round is over, the team at each table with the most points is the winner. Score by circling the round if you won, x’ing it out if your team lost. Also, everyone should keep track of any bunco’s they roll.

After the first round rolling for ‘1’s’, the High Table winners stay put, the Middle Table winners move to the High Table, the Low Table winners move to the Middle Table, and the High Table losers move to the Low Table. Everyone else stays at their table, BUT everyone at each table switches to a new partner. And this round, the object is to roll 2’s. The next round it would be 3’s, etc.

The kids can just play for fun or for small prizes for the most wins, the most losses, the most bunco’s, the one wearing the boa at the end, whatever other prize category you can think of.

Bunco is a popular game, sometimes played for money or as a fundraiser, and always fun, so you know your preteen or teenage party kids will enjoy it too. And again, keep Bunco in mind for the long hours of a slumber party.

Visual Brain Storms

Visual Brain Storms

Visual Brain StormsIt’s always smart to have a ‘slow down and think’ game ready to play when things need to be ratcheted down a bit at a kids sleepover party. Think Fun makes terrific, challenging, educational games and  Visual Brain Storms is no exception. It can make a terrific kids birthday party gift, but perhaps even better as a gift to your own birthday child that you can then pull out at the birthday party.

The long hours of a slumber party can particularly require you to have various activities to suggest so the party doesn’t dissolve into gossip and arguments as the kids get tired. A thinking game not only engages their brain in a more positive activity, it slows them down and helps, maybe, to get them ready for sleep. Always a difficult thing to get them to do.

Visual Brain Storms has 100 humorously illustrated cards that pose “logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3D Befuddlers, and brain conundrums”, suitable for age 8 and up. Answers are on the back, along with extra ‘bonus’ questions.

The questions require the use of logic, sequential thinking, math, spatial reasoning, and plain old common sense. This may sound like academic work, but the brain teasers are presented in such a way as to be good yet challenging fun. And as always, the competition to do well and better than others helps tune the kids in to playing the game. The parent reviews on Amazon will convince you that these are, indeed, fun for the kids.

So have this game available when those sleepover eyelids start to droop and they need help settling down but aren’t yet ready to throw in the towel.