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Nail Polish

Nail Art Ideas

Nail PolishWhether your doing the little ones fingers or the big ones are doing it to each other, you’ll find a treasure of ideas for Nail Art here on Sally Hansen’s contest page:

Sally Hansen | I Heart Nail Art

Copy or be inspired- it’s all fun. And it’s the PERFECT addition to a spa party for the girls. Also great to eat up some time at a sleepover party.

Muffin Tin Snacks

15 Kid Friendly Muffin Tin Snacks

Muffin Tin Snacks15 recipes made in muffin tins– there’s something to be said for not overwhelming a young child with a large portion, so these might be just the right size.

That being said, these recipes run the gamut from super kid friendly to serve ’em at your next adult party, and the kids will eat those too! One looks better than the next.

Kid-Friendly Muffin Tin Recipes

Not just adult parties either– several of these would work really well at kids parties, like at night or in the morning of a sleepover party.

Bean Mosaic

Magical Beans Mosaic

Bean MosaicAnother good idea from Martha Stewart, for a quiet time activity that’s artistic while building those small motor skills.

Magical Beans Mosaic – Martha Stewart Kids’ Crafts

Keep this in mind for a sleepover party activity– something quiet to do to wind down while chatting and snacking. Keep the ‘boards’ of a size that they can manage to get the beans properly placed but not so large as to be too big a task- all dependent on their age.

Healthy Food

10 Healthy Alternatives to Kids’ Favorite Foods

Healthy FoodYummy but healthy substitutes for those perennial kid favorites that aren’t exactly good for them:

Healthy Alternatives to Kids’ Favorite Foods

Chips and dip that I’m going to try! Hot dog bits on a skewer- less dog, more avacodo. Did you ever eat a frozen berry? These are FUN and the kids aren’t going to miss that other stuff.

Some of these recipes would be perfect for party snacks– especially at a slumber party where they’re eating and eating and eating…

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

Cheesy Hash Brown CasseroleThis not only looks delicious, kids will love it with all that yummy cheese flavor. You can healthy it up a bit by using turkey sausage and lower fat cheese.

Mess For Less: Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole

This casserole can be all made up the night before, then kept in the frig for baking in the morning. Perfect if you’ve got a big day ahead needing a big breakfast to get everybody moving.

Or, perfect for the kids on the morning after your sleepover party.

Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart WreathMom gets to hang it but the kids can make this fun wreath for Valentine’s Day or any day needing something for them to do. This craft is also engaging enough for preteen girls at a birthday or sleepover party.

Mess For Less: Valentine Decoration: Fabric Wreath

No need to pay for a heart form either– you can easily make one from a wire coat hanger. Once the form is made, it’s simply a matter of cutting the fabric strips and looping them onto the frame- easy to do while chatting and snacking at a party or at the kitchen table on an otherwise boring day. Might be a nice activity to do together one long afternoon- maybe in front of a good movie you can both enjoy.

Just choose your fabric from the craft or fabric store based on the color schemes you want, or mix it all up from the scrap bin.

Heart Mobile

3-D Heart Mobile

Heart MobileThis is another kitchen table craft activity that can be easily tweaked into a party craft activity that keeps everyone happily busy- but probably more for girls than boys. This article includes a good tutorial on the whole process:

Valentine’s 3-D Heart Mobile | Domestic Goddesque

To tweak this as a party craft, either supply the cut outs or the magazines and templates for the kids to cut them out. If you can provide colorful card stock shapes relevant to your party theme, ie dinosaurs, animals, etc., all the better, but this will take a bit of your time to prepare.

While sewing the shapes together for the 3-D effect is nice, it’s not really practical for a party activity, but glue sticks and string will work just as well for 2D shapes, because the shapes aren’t heavy. The kids will enjoy stringing the shapes, perhaps also adding glitter.

The simple x-shaped crosspiece made from taped pencils keeps this activity from becoming an exercise in frustration– balancing a true mobile is not easy. These are short and evenly weighted, so adding the decorative strings doesn’t throw it all out of whack and out of balance.

This simple mobile type construction would also be a great sleepover party project where the hours get long.

Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Fun

Chocolate PretzelsYou can make these with the kids for family snacks or let the kids do it as a sleepover party activity that they then will snack on. Either way, they taste great and are fun to make.

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Recipe – Circle of Moms

For safety sake and to accomadate the larger number of kids making the snack at the same time as a party activity, I’d recommend using the microwave to melt the chocolate in small batches suitable for 2 or 3 kids at a time. Alternatively, you can man one or two pots of chocolate over hot water on the stove that the kids can dunk in while you keep everybody safe.