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Recycled Animals

Recycled Animals

Recycled AnimalsGive them the materials to work with, these pictures for inspiration, and your young party guests will go to town making their animals. I’d recommend having lots of the pictures of individual or small groups of these guys scattered about to give the kids ideas and guidance, but that should be about all they need to dive in. Perfect for any animal themed party, such as a safari or jungle or farm party.

The Green Classroom: Recycled Animals Project

There’s no real directions or tutorial here, but the pictures pretty much tell everything. You’ll need to provide the cardboard tubes, markers ,crayons, scissors and glue, construction paper in various colors, cotton balls, tin foil, googly eyes and feathers from the craft store, and anything else you think they might use.


TP Roll Animals

Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review

TP Roll AnimalsAnyone that can create these adorable recycled guys AND write an ebook on kids crafts, has to have created a great resource for parents.

The Imagination Tree: Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids Book Review

You may have to help make a whole pile of these guys, but it will be worth ity- they’ll be playing with them for a good long while.

If you’ve got the willing adult helpers, this would also make a marvelous party craft activity and take home party favor. Perfect for your animal or jungle or safari themed party.

Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton OwlsMake these on a rainy afternoon or as a craft activity at a preschool or early elementary school age party. Save up your empty egg trays, and get your neighbors to collect  theirs for you too. Then, all you need are feathers and fun stuff from the craft store, glue, markers, paints, whatever you want to give them to decorate. A very cute idea! Fits right in with an animal, safari or jungle party theme.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: How to Make Egg Carton Owls.


Tail Tag

TagTail Tag is a great outdoor, blow off some energy game for your animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party. Keep this run around game in reserve for the time when the kids are getting antsy or not participating fully and you’ll get everybody back on track in a hurry.

While you CAN use socks, it’s way more fun and way more tuned into your animal theme if you make some tails for the kids. If you have, or have access to, fabric scraps or yarn, that’s great. If not, use plain strips from an old sheet and get out your markers or paints and make tiger and zebra stripes, leopard spots, skinny elephant colored tails. You’ll want the kids in two teams, so perhaps one team is all spots and the other all stripes- sufficiently different that they can be told apart in a flash as they play the game. Make the tails long enough to tuck into a back pocket or pants waistband and still have a foot hanging out.

Create a field of play in your yard with tape or flour on the grass– big enough for the kids to run around but not so big that it’s easy to get away from their pursuers. Hand out the tails to the two teams and explain the rules. Each team tries to grab and get the opposing teams tails. Any player that loses their tail has to sit down, but still tries to grab and get a new tail from the opposing team from their sitting position. If they succeed, they’re back up and on their feet to continue playing the game. The winning team de-tails all the players on the opposing team- but probably they’ll just have good fun running around and playing the game with no winner ever declared.

It’s always smart to have a run-around, energy expending game in your bag of tricks for any kids birthday party. And this tail tag game fits the bill nicely for your animal or jungle or safari themed celebration.


Pooh Bag Puppets

Character Bags

Pooh Bag PuppetsPaper bag puppets make a great party craft activity OR, with a little tweaking, a great birthday party favor bag. Either way, they’re adorable and the kids will love them.

Get all the templates and complete instructions for these Pooh bag puppets over at family.fun.go.com. These are probably a bit intricate for kids still into the Hundred Acre Wood crowd to make by themselves as a party craft activity, but they’d be wonderful decorations for any Pooh themed party.  Then, let them each take one home.

But for kids a little older, there’s dozens of templates for making paper bag puppets over at abcteach.com. Many of these templates are for animals, so they’d be a great craft activity for any animal or jungle or safari themed birthday party.  Provide the lunch bags and print outs of the templates, scissors, glue sticks, markers and-or crayons, and they’ll probably make an entire zoo.

Turn things upside down and add a tweak, and these puppet templates can become really cool party treat bags. Instead of using the bottom of the bag as the top of the puppet, use the bottom of the bag as the bottom and fold the top for the template decoration. You’ll probably need to scale the templates down a bit for these now shorter bags. As suggested at family.fun.go, cut your templates from colored card stock to make things look really nice. Attach the cut outs after filling your treat bags. All lined up and ready to go home with the kids, these character favor bags will be very enticing and fun for the kids. Make all different animals to send home from your animal/jungle/safari themed party.

Animal Balloons

Animal Balloon Birthday Party Craft

Animal BalloonsA simple balloon based birthday party craft activity for the little ones, or a bit more complex craft for the older set. Either way, this is the perfect tie-in to your animal or jungle party, or safari themed birthday party.

I recommend that you provide the helium filled balloons– and pick your colors to match the animals. Purple is probably not a good choice.

For the young ones, you can purchase animal face balloon stickers in a kit for the cow, pig and duck you see in the graphic at a reasonable price of under $10 for a dozen at Amazon, as of this writing. Although balloons come in the kit, unless you have a helium tank they won’t float; that’s why I recommend you get them separately. Do supervise so no preschoolers put broken balloon in their mouth- choking hazard. [NOTE: if you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission fromo Amazon and that seems fair to me.]

For older kids, they can make their own stick-ons using construction paper, markers, scissors, feathers, google eyes, whatever you find to give them, plus the glue sticks. I strongly suggest you make 3 or 4 examples for them to see the how and then they’ll come up with their own embellishments and other animals, based on the start your models give them.

Either way, the kids will have fun with this birthday party craft, be busy for a while, and can take home their creations as a very inexpensive birthday party favor.

Animal Paddleball

Animal Paddleball

Animal PaddleballTwo for one is always a good deal and these cute animal paddleball games are just that for your nextbirthday party. And at $11 for a dozen at Amazon as of this writing, they’re affordable too! Call it $1 per kid for a take home party favor that’s way better than a bag full of tootsie rolls! [NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon, and that seems fair to me.]

Perfect for any animal birthday party, safari themed party or jungle birthday, or basically any themed party ’cause kids like animals. Save them for favors at the end  or better still bring them out any time your party kids need to blow off some steam and settle down a bit so they focus on the next party activity you have planned. Summer or winter, jackets or no, you can send them outside to the driveway for 15 or 20 minutes to bang these guys around and work off some of that sugar high.

You can even turn it into a mini competition. After they’ve had a little practice, make or have the kids sort themselves into two teams, then into pairs with one from each team. You with your stopwatch give each pair one minute with the child on team A bouncing the ball on the paddle and the child on team B counting the bounces. If it’s a miss, the count goes back to zero. Record the scores and add them all up for a team total. Then, switch sides with A doing the counting and B the bouncing, tally the scores and declare the winning team. One minute can be the warm-up; next round can be 3 minutes.

If you’ve used the paddles as a game have a Sharpie available so everybody can write their name on their paddles and have them ready for them to take home as their favor at the end of your party.

Pirate Photo Prop

Pirate Photo Prop

Pirate Photo Prop

Use one of these very reasonably priced photo props at  your next kids birthday party and you’ve got party fun taking the pictures and your party favor all taken care of!

There’s a photo prop for just about any kids party theme you can think of– pirates, princess, surfer dudes, safari, luau, farm, football, race car driver- just scroll through all the pages on Amazon and you won’t believe how many of these things there are  to choose from.

Have a helper to upload and print out the results so they’re ready to hand out as your party favor when your guests leave. Make sure you’ve got the glossy photo paper on hand for printing the pictures. And if your guests are young, your helper can help keep order as they get their pictures taken.

Alternatively, use the pictures as your thank you notes instead of party favors. Print the photos out on the glossy photo paper and use mounting corners to attach the photo to the front of your blank note card (so it can be removed and saved by the parents).

As either a party favor or as personalized thank you notes, these photo props are a fun addition to your kids birthday party.

Plate Frogs

Froggie Catcher

Plate FrogsA big shout out ‘Thanks’ to ziggityzoom.com for this great preschool birthday party craft that the kids can then use as one of your birthday party games. I LOVE two-fers! First they’ll make the adorable frog catchers out of paper plates, then have a good time playing catch with them.

This craft involves minimal expense and minimal prep for you. You’ll need two colored paper (not styrofoam- the plates need to fold) plates for each child, construction paper or foam for the eyes and the tongue, stick glue, a stapler and a ping pong balls. Ziggityzoom even gives you the printable templates for cutting out the eyes, eyeballs and the tongue. For preschoolers, you might choose to have these all precut for the kids so all they have to do is assemble the frogs.

Complete instructions for putting these cuties together are on the ziggityzoom website– just follow the link above. Have an extra set of plates etc. so you can demonstrate how to put the frogs together and the kids can follow along. You might want an extra stapler and an extra pair of hands to do the stapling for the kids.

Once complete, it’s time for a game of catch. Your preschool kids will have an easier time catching with their frogs using two hands- one to hold the frog and the other to close the ‘mouth’ around the ping pong ball. Start them out tossing the ping pong balls a short distance to another child to catch with the frog – just a couple of feet.

This activity will work nicely as both a craft and a preschool game at any animal themed party– a jungle party or a safari party.

Dino Egg Race

Dino EggAdd a challenge to the old standby spoon race and you’ve tweaked the game into a dinosaur themed relay race that the preschool aged kids will really enjoy. Thanks to familyfun.go.com for this dinosaur birthday party idea.

Save your cereal boxes so you have 2 empty boxes for each team of children at your dinosaur party ( or, two for each child at your party if you want them all to just have some fun traipsing about as dinosaurs). Tape the open end shut. Cut a 4 1/2 inch wide circle in the top of the box for the foot opening- position this using your child’s foot to get it in the right place. Using either the green craft foam as suggested in the post referenced above or green poster board, cut out your dino feet. Don’t sweat the small stuff, these don’t need to be perfect: a ”u” shape as pictured in the post is sufficient. Cut a 5″ ‘X’ in the feet positioned to cover the whole you put in the cereal boxes. Draw or glue on your dino claws.

Attach the dino feet to the top of the cereal boxes aligning the holes in the boxes and the green feet. Use a glue gun for the craft foam or a glue stick or rubber cement if you’re using the poster board. A few staples into the posterboard (away from where their feet might touch the staples) would also be a good idea.

Line up your teams with a chair or other obstacle to go around at the far end of each team’s relay race course. Give each team their dino feet, a wooden spoon and a plastic egg or small ball. On 1-2-3, have the first racers put on their feet, and carry their egg through the course, passing the spoon with the egg and the feet to the next team member. If they all have their own feet, just pass the egg on the spoon.

You know that tried and true games like this will work well as one of your dinosaur games, yet the kids don’t know they’re old fashioned. Of course, these could be any type of animal feet at your jungle or safari party too- it’s not limited to tweaking for a dinosaur birthday party.