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Quiet Reading

Making Quiet Reading a Priority

Quiet ReadingReading Time is important all year long, but as summer approaches and parents face the academic ‘loss’ it usually brings to our kids, now is the perfect time to make the effort to build reading time into your summer schedule.

Summer Reading ~ Making Quiet Reading a Priority

Start now to get the kids used to the idea that every day they’re expected to engage in quiet reading time, work out with each of them when and how they prefer to work it into their days (to get them invested in it), even create a written schedule. Start stockpiling the books they want to read over the summer so they can look forward to it. There’s many ways to make it happen, once  it’s a real priority.

Forest Has A Song

Picture Book Poetry Collection Celebrating Spring

Forest Has A SongA debut book of poetry is the perfect way to celebrate Poetry Month (April) with your children. Open their ears to the beauties of the forest with these read aloud poems- do check out the video trailer near the bottom:

Picture Book Poetry Collection Celebrating Spring : PragmaticMom

You might even choose to go through the rhyming word exercise described in this post with your child- as a starter to writing their own poems!

Alphabet Mat

Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

Alphabet Mat This is a terrific way to make learning early reading skills both fun and educational, all while drilling that eye-hand coordination. That’s a three-fer!

Bean Bag Toss as a Sight Word Game on hands on : as we grow.

And the little ones can use this mat to learn their letters and numbers. That makes this Alphabet Mat a great investment for your kids- even at about $40 as of this date on Amazon. How about as a shower present instead of yet another blanket?

Window Clings

DIY Window Clings

Window ClingsThis is a two-fer, maybe even a three-fer! What sounds like a great book, a great art project, and a great way to reinforce the literacy of the great book through a great art project. What more could you want!

Mama Pea Pod: {DIY Window Cling Stickers}

Obviously, this method of making window stickers can be applied to any graphics that your child might choose.

But why not encourage graphics related to a favorite story to encourage the literacy? And why not give what sounds like a good story a go at your house?

Thanksgiving Books

8 Thanksgiving Story Books

Thanksgiving Books
Photo: kidsactivitiesblog.com


With just a week to go, get the kids into the true spirit of Thanksgiving with one or more of these 8 Thanksgiving Story Books. This is a good way balance the turkey and the parade with the thanks and the giving!

Keep one or more in reserve for Thanksgiving Day when you need the kids occupied as you put the finishing touches on the big meal. Dad or a big sister/brother can read to them while you make everything scrumptious!

Speech Bubbles

Speech Bubbles for Learning

Speech Bubbles
Photo: nurturestore.co.uk

Create interest in and make writing easy using speech bubbles and fun family (or other) photos. Even right in MSWord, paste your photo and then using Shapes=> Callouts add in the blank speech bubbles. Print and they’re ready to use.

Open ended pictures provide great inspiration for short and sweet, and funny, captions. Speech bubbles aren’t intimidating, because you can’t write a book or even a paragraph. Yet the captions require thought, upper and lower case, maybe punctuation, and letter writing practice. So much in such a small space!

Speech Bubbles for Learning

Reading Nook

If it works this well in preschool to get them sitting and reading, why not at home?

Guidecraft » Furniture » Kiddie Rocker Chair Set – Red.

These kid sized red rockers are clearly adorable, and you might just be interested in them, but really, any chair or chairs set up in a special reading nook in the child’s room or elsewhere in the home will do the trick. Fit it out with something that defines the area, as the blue rug does in the picture, make it inviting, and reading will become a comfortable thing to do. What more could you want!

Make the reading invitation for both of you, with a child sized chair along with an adult chair. Have the shelf or basket of child’s books right there, along with your books. Two baskets- one for favorites and the other for the new set of library books. How about keeping your knitting or any other sit quiet craft you might do there to so even if only the child is reading it’s still nice quiet together time.

Wish I’d thought of this back in the day– it would have made a nice respite from all the scurrying around- we all could have used even 10 minutes of down time with a book at times other than bedtime.


PlaySquare Touchable TV for iPad

Another step forward in educational technology and it’s a free iPad app that makes learning reading skills an interactive experience. Instead of just sitting and watching, the child has to do things on the screen to advance the story and the learning.

Learn more about PlaySquare TV, and follow the “Get It Now” link to download the free app for your kids.