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Dress Up Cupboard

Dress Up Cupboard

Dress Up CupboardTake ‘Dress Up’ to a whole new level with this recycled old dresser turned into a beautiful dress up wardrobe that encourages this important form of imaginative play.

Dress Up Wardrobe

Start with a cheap flea market or tag sale dresser, not so tall that your child can’t reach the hanging rod. Remove all but one or two drawers  (depending on the depth of the drawers). Just add paint, the hanging rod and a few hooks.

Your daughter will be thrilled and she and her friends will have a wonderful time playing dress up. You’ll be pleased that everything has it’s place and order is maintained.

Reading Nook

DIY Cozy Reading Fort

Reading NookRecycle that old crib mattress and some bright and colorful sheets into this cozy reading nook. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up with a good book in such a delightful spot that was all there own?

small + friendly: DIY Cozy Reading Fort.

Anything that encourages books and reading is a great thing! I’d add a pretty basket full of appropriate books right beside it.

Glass Of Water

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat

Glass Of WaterIf I’d known then what I know now, those juice boxes would never have made it into the house. Known that sugar was addictive. Known that the average American consumed almost 450 ‘beverage calories’ PER DAY in 2002, as per the study referenced here:

Drink Yourself Slim-Not Fat – EnergyFirst.

It becomes pretty obvious where our obesity epidemic is coming from– at least in good part.

Get the kids off the juice and onto water, sparkling water with lemon or lime, stevia sweetened drinks instead of chemically sweetened sodas. Make lemonade with stevia/Truvia. Have them eat the fruit instead of drink the juice and at least they’re getting the fiber in addition to the natural sugar.

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage BottlesDecoupage is a fun, easy and messy craft activity. Perfect for summer where you can do it outside and then hose everything down, kids included.

Catch a Single Thought…: Getting Crafty With ASDA

Decoupage bottles, cans, boxes and make things that can actually be used- unlike most paper macho creations. Pencil holders, vases, treasure boxes- the possibilities are many.

Have the kids make some as gifts for grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and they’ll be busy for quite a while!

Worst Kids Foods

12 Worst Kids Foods and Alternatives

Worst Kids FoodsNot that you don’t already know what’s bad to give the kids, but it’s hard to avoid these evils so here’s a reminder AND some alternatives to make it easier.

12 Worst Foods and 12 Healthier Alternatives

And the good news? Start them young on the healthy alternatives and it will be much easier to stay the course and help them build healthy eating habits. They’ll still eat those potato chips and hot dogs when they’re out of the house, but serving veggie chips and turkey dogs at home won’t  even raise an eyebrow if that’s the way it’s always been.

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need Most

What Kids Need MostThis reminder is designed for teachers, but parents ARE teachers, just as teachers are surrogate parents, especially in elementary school. And, these reminders aren’t really only about teaching, but are instead reminders of what we parents need to be providing each and every day to our kids.

What Kids Need the Most From Teachers

Take the time to listen to the TED talk on this subject– these lectures are always worthwhile and on point.

30 Felt Toys

Homemade Felt Toys

30 Felt Toys Here are 30 ideas for toys you can make from colorful, wonderful felt– even a link to get the felt. We all remember felt boards in school, but there’s no reason felt play/learning can’t be had in the home as well.

Homemade Toys & Learning Activities from Felt – Buggy and Buddy.

Ideas from paper/felt dolls with clothes to storyboards, most with no sewing because felt doesn’t fray when cut.

I like the idea of making these for gifts– homemade always says you care.