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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Alphabet Scavenger HuntThis is the PERFECT answer to this summer’s “I’m Bored” complaint. They’ll be off hunting for a good long time, and the young ones will be reinforcing their alphabet skills in the process. Older kids will just enjoy the hunt. I particularly like this for outdoors- it’s harder.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt | Best Activities for Kids.

Do be sure to set some rules– i.e. no picking the neighbors flowers, no crossing the street, etc.

Having a birthday party in the park or some other outside venue? This would be a good party activity PROVIDED you set limits on where they can go. Send them off in teams to keep them together. Give them a time limit, tell them they WON’T be able to get every letter but the team that gets the most will be the winner.

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough Sandcastles

Cloud Dough SandcastlesIf you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to your house with this recipe for cloud dough that your kids can use to make sandcastles, or anything else they want.

Sandcastle messy play :: homemade cloud dough recipe – NurtureStore.

Really cool stuff– baby oil and flour that looks all crumbly, like sand, until you squeeze and mold it and then it holds it’s shape. Perfect for sand building or sand sculpture. On the patio or deck, under a big shady umbrella or tree. Then the sprinkler or the hose to keep the ‘sand’ outside and just for more fun.

Homemade Face Paint

Homemade Facepaint

Homemade Face PaintMaking your own face paint has to be cheaper than buying it, and allows for more quantity, either for a larger canvas or more faces or bodies, as in at a party.

Easy Facepaint

Summer and cleaning up with the hose or the sprinkler allows your preschooler to experiment with paint all over themselves! This is the ‘larger canvas’ I was referring to above. It’s an experiment/experience they won’t forget.

Serve up your homemade facepaint with small brushes, and let the older kids decorate each others faces. Print off some templates for them to copy- just google ‘face painting templates’.

Do heed the warning about store bought food coloring and getting them cleaned up after.

Olympic Activities

Olympics Birthday Party

Olympic ActivitiesThe summer Olympics in London were last year  (this year it’s the Royal Baby), but that doesn’t mean your birthday child can’t have his or her OWN Backyard Olympics birthday celebration. It’s a great party theme for the energetic elementary school age set, and this free ebook includes Olympic themed games, crafts and snacks to get your party planning off to a great start:

Free eBook: Olympic Activities for Kids – I Can Teach My Child

Use the web to print off medals, print them out on cardstock and finish them off with nice ribbon.

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage Bottles

Decoupage BottlesDecoupage is a fun, easy and messy craft activity. Perfect for summer where you can do it outside and then hose everything down, kids included.

Catch a Single Thought…: Getting Crafty With ASDA

Decoupage bottles, cans, boxes and make things that can actually be used- unlike most paper macho creations. Pencil holders, vases, treasure boxes- the possibilities are many.

Have the kids make some as gifts for grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and they’ll be busy for quite a while!

Sportsparents Guide

Free ebook -Sportsparents Guide

Sportsparents GuideI could have used this help back when every waking moment (it seemed) was on the sidelines of a soccer field!

Free ebook – Kids in Sports | Character Building | JBM Thinks.

It can get incredibly time consuming and expensive when they’re all doing their sports, so these free tips might just make your life a bit easier.

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Theater Party

Outdoor MovieRe-create the old ‘drive-in’ movie experience in your backyard this summer- for the family, for a small gathering of friends or for a kids party (even a sleepover).

How To: Create an Outdoor Theater (on the Cheap) | Apartment Therapy.

Outdoor Movie

Follow the links for the tutorials, but in essence the actual equipment you need are the dvd player, a video projector, a sound system and a screen- and it’s not as difficult or as expensive as you might think. Also, any investment you make will get used over and over because it’s FUN to do this on a beautiful summer’s eve.

See how enticing you can make this for a teen or adult get-together? Should be a lovely evening for everyone- just be sure to pick a great movie- maybe even an oldie but goodie.



23 Free Things to Do With the Kids this Summer

SunKeep this list of ideas for summer fun, and you’ll have it when needed.

Free Things to Do With the Kids – iVillage.

Nothing earth shattering here, but all good fun for the kids. Old favorites you may have forgotten about and some new ideas you may not have thought of. Mostly for outdoors, but also some indoors for those rainy or too hot days.