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Turn them into Dinosaurs

Dino MasksPreschool kids still have their wonderful imaginations fully intact, so it takes very little to send them off on an imaginary journey. Give them an idea or a prop and they’re off. These dinosaur masks will for sure turn them into fierce reptiles at your dinosaur party.

At 12 for $10, at current Amazon prices, you really can’t lose. The masks are foam and according to the reviews on Amazon, they’re big enough to really cover their faces.

NOTE: If you make a purchase through the link on this page, I make a commission from Amazon and that seems fair to me.

Turn any age appropriate game into a dinosaur themed game if they’re wearing these dino masks. Dino hopscotch where the leaf eaters show the meat eaters what-for. Have the kids figure out who is a carnivore and who is an herbivore – now there’s a challenge! Three legged dinosaur races- have them match up the carnivores and herbivores for the race. You get the idea.

If you want them to color their own dinosaur masks, you’ll find 5 of them at sparklebox.com. You will have to attach elastic so they can wear them and role-play, but you’ll have given them a craft activity to do- a pretty good trade-off.

All little kids are tuned in to dinosaurs, so I’m going to start looking for dinosaur party ideas for my readers. These dinosaur masks are a great start and give you an open-ended game that they can play and improvise until it plays itself out and you move them on to your next activity or incorporate in other games to continue your dino theme. Or if you opt for the color your own masks, you got a craft activity too.

Lion Mask

Animal Masks

Lion Mask

Graphic with permission and courtesy of freefunfings.com

We talked about making the fancy mardi gras face masks as a party craft activity for older girls last week- now it’s equal time for the younger set.

Look through the variety of mask templates on this fun free site, starting with their animal masks. Just print them out, provide scissors to cut them out, and crayons or markers or paint to decorate them.

I would further suggest

  • printing them out on card stock rather than plain printer paper to give them some weight so they stand up to being decorated and being worn.
  • Either cut them out completely ahead of time with a craft knife or at least cut out the ‘cut outs’ like the eyes so you don’t frustrate the kids as they ruin their beautifully decorated mask cutting these out
  • Go for light weight elastic bands for wearing the finished masks

Add feathers and shiny confetti as decorating options, along with glue sticks, but be sure to use the card stock if you do or the masks won’t stand up to the decorations.

When they can actually play with their creations, a craft activity such as this mask making will even appeal to the boys. Be sure to make a really great one for yourself that you can wear as you introduce the activity to both motivate them to participate and give them ideas for decorating their own mask.


Mask Making


Girls love glamour and love making things, so making these glamorous Mardi Gras masks is a perfect party craft for the older set, say 10 years old and above. Especially for a slumber party, where they have lots of time to fuss around decorating them, and perhaps even find ways to incorporate them in their slumber party fun.

Start with a blank mask form, which you can order from this craft site.  The satin masks will be more comfortable for the kids to wear with their smaller than adult size faces, but the rigid plastic masks can be painted and for my money that makes them more fun for the kids.

If you so choose, you’ll need to provide paint and brushes (spray paint in the house is generally NOT a good idea).  For decorations, I suggest various sizes and colors of feathers, sequins, curly or satin ribbon, braid or other interesting trim they could glue around the edges of the mask form, and anything else that catches your eye at the craft store. Glue is a must, and probably baby wipes to get the glue off the fingers.

Wooden dowels can be  securely taped to the inside of the rigid plastic masks as handles (as in the picture above), and then there’s no worry about the plastic being uncomfortable to wear.  The girls may also have more fun with the ‘drama’ of  holding/removing their mask with the dowel handle. Or, elastic to go around the head can be secured through holes at the edge of the mask.

To encourage them to spend a good amount of time making their masks and not rush through it, have your craft table all set up with supplies, including plenty of snacks and drinks. Music is another good idea.

The girls will need help with decorating ideas, and I recommend printing out some pictures that you find on the web when you search for ‘Mardi Gras Masks’.  The site emardigrasbeads.com has 4 separate sections of product with pictures of both Venetian and Mardi Gras masks, ranging from the simple to the incredibly ornate. I’d give the kids idea pictures of both – some that they can clearly see that they can create and some others that might inspire them to something more complex. If you can tape some of your idea pictures to the wall of the room where they’ll be creating and lay some on the table itself, you’ll have given them lots of inspiration.

Who knows- maybe the masks will inspire some real play-acting games at your next slumber party!