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Life Lessons for Ourselves and our Kids

AppleI feel compelled to take a time out from kids birthday parties to pass along a blog post honoring Steve Jobs and the life lessons and parenting ideas we can all take from his far too short but incredible life.

We all know the ‘story’ of Apple and its rise from a California garage to one of the most highly valued companies on the planet (perhaps THE most highly valued, but I’m not exactly sure). But if you look at these 21 life lessons to understand better how it all came to be, there’s wisdom here for ourselves and for our kids.

Perhaps when roadblocks are put in our kids path, we can remember some of these and use this wisdom to guide our kids. How change is really new opportunities to do new things. How the unexpected can open new doors and new ideas. The simple fact that everybody fails. Perhaps some of these little Steve Jobs ‘stories’ will make a difference to our kids if told to them at the right time.

Our kids all admire the Apple products, so his stories will have an impact: having the right  messenger can help, especially with teens.

So the next time your child gets ‘hit in the head with a brick’, to borrow from these 21 Life Lessons, think of Steve Jobs as you apply your parenting skills and figure out how to guide your child through the rough patches.