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Jester Hat

Make Some Craft Foam Hats

Jester HatMarvelous idea for a birthday party activity, using sheets of craft foam from the craft store and whatever embellishments catch your eye while you’re there.

Make Some Craft Foam Hats

Younger children will need models like here in the graphic and on the page referenced above. Older kids can be challenged to create the most outlandish hats with the materials you provide. Feathers (large and small), paper flowers (large and small), fabric scraps, crepe paper, whatever you can think of. The idea here is actually NOT to make it easy- but rather to make it a challenge. This is no doubt more of a girl-thing than for boys.

Royal Princess Hat

Princess Hat

As the 1995 movie “A Little Princess” taught us all, being a princess means you are special. So here’s a birthday party idea to make your little princess stand out and feel extra special at her princess birthday party.

One way to feel special is to feel beautiful, and a gorgeous princess hat will do that better than any glitzy crown from the party store. I can’t show you the picture because it’s copyrighted, but here’s one you can purchase for a fairly reasonable sum. Alternatively, with a bit of satiny fabric, some tulle, beautiful ribbon, and glittery/metallic/puffy/whatever stick ons from the craft store you can make it yourself for your own special princess. You should be able to get everything you need at the craft store.

Basic instructions for making the underlying cone shaped hat can be found here. Cover the paper cone with any beautiful, princess-like fabric. You can use flexible fabric glue to attach it to the paper cone, but I’d bet a glue stick or rubber cement (because it’s flexible when dry) would work just as well. Even staple the fabric in place, covering the nasty part of the staples around the head with ribbon.

Then decorate away as you see fit: the tulle and/or ribbon through the opening in the top of the hat, contrasting or same color ribbon on the cone itself, stick-ons, whatever strikes your fancy.

As these hats are difficult to keep on and little girls don’t exactly walk around at their birthday party with the posture and carriage of a royal, I’d strongly recommend attaching very lovely satin ribbon that can be tied under her chin to keep her gorgeous and special princess hat on and in place.

Anything you make yourself for your princess is already extra special. Once you have the materials, it shouldn’t take you more than maybe 1/2 hour to create this extra touch for your princess birthday party.

By the way- “A Little Princess” would be a fine movie to show at your next princess party.

Do you have other good party ideas to share for little girls princess parties? Please leave them here as a comment for other parents to see.

Pirate Hats to Make

Pirate HatHave your budding buccaneers begin their swashbuckling career at your party by making themselves authentic pirate hats. Sure you can buy each guest a pirate hat, but at 2 or 3 dollars each, that can really add up. It’s a better investment to have them busy for 20 minutes to a ½ hour making their own.

The classic pirate hat is a folded sheet of newspaper, but it looks like just what it is- a folded sheet of newspaper. And don’t be thinking you can use a standard 8 ½” x 11″ sheet of black paper; it won’t fit even a dolls head when folded.

The folks over at kidscraftweekly.com have come up with a good alternative that actually will fit the kids heads and is easy enough for even the young ones to construct. You’ll need (1) a 2” wide strip of thin cardboard and (2) black 8 ½” x 11″ card stock (or construction paper) for each hat, and (3) sequins or glitter or stickers for decorative trim (plus glue sticks). Help the kids fit the cardboard around their heads and staple or tape them to size for each.

Either pre-cut your black paper into the pirate hat shape for the young ones, or make a couple of templates the kids can trace onto their black paper and cut themselves if the kids are older.  Follow the directions on the template page (the link above) for creating or printing your skull and cross bones decorations for them to stick on their hats and let the decorating begin.

For my money, it’s always better to find a way to have the kids make it rather than buy it for them, so this makes the list of good ideas.

All Rolled Up

Rolled InvitationThere are terrific ideas from the folks at Party Depot in their press release about a Wizards of Waverly Place birthday party theme. Their ideas for invitations work for other themes as well, so I want to share them here.

Who says an invitation has to be the size of a standard sheet of paper folded over twice? Well- the Post Office has certain standards you can’t get around if you’re mailing your invitation, but for hand delivery all options are on the table. For any party that’s got an old fashioned type theme like a Medieval party or a Magical party or a Princess Party, make your paper appear old and roll it up like an old fashioned parchment. Tea-stain the paper and/or singe the edges with a lighter for that ancient look. Tie your parchment with a beautiful ribbon. For a Wizards of Waverly Place or a Magic Party, roll your invitation around a dowel that your invitation requests be brought to the party all decorated as a magic wand.

It might not fit inside a rolled up invite, but you can ask your guests to make and bring anything you want in your invitation. For your pirate party you might make paper hats out of newspaper and print your party particulars on them in brightly colored magic marker, AND ask each guest to make or decorate their own paper pirate hat for the party. Or if it’s not a Pirate party, ask them to make or decorate any type hat to bring for the silly hat contest. Or have them design and make paper party hats- now you don’t have to buy them!

Think outside the envelope and your invitations can take almost any form. And when it’s different, your invite gets the kids anxious to come and have a great time at your party.

Pirate Hat UpSide Down

Hats for Snacks

Pirate Hat UpSide DownWhy serve your party pretzels or chips in a plastic bowl, especially a plastic bowl that you have to pay for. Instead, have serving pieces that go with your party theme. And hats might be just the thing for your party.

Having a party that includes a bunch of hockey players? Strip out those old hockey helmets, turn them upside down, and with a little kids’ clay underneath to keep them from rolling, they’ll make great popcorn bowls.  Obviously, they need to be lined with plastic wrap first.

Pirate hats for your pirate party. Crowns for your princess party– even homemade paper crowns with no bottom that just keep the chips or pretzels contained. Cowboy hats, baseball caps, straw hats, a detective’s fedora (from the secondhand store).  In fact, a trip with your birthday child to that secondhand store just to buy hats for this purpose might be a lot of fun for both of you.

Not so much for snacks, but here are directions for a great-looking clown hat to use as a centerpiece on your food table at your clown themed party. Or, turn it upside down and fill it with food. Of course, you’ve made it first with your birthday child and had a good time doing that.

One idea usually leads to another, and this makes me think of making papier-mâché containers with your birthday child–  painted whatever colors work for your party decoration theme.  Decorate these with more painted polkadots,  squiggles, whatever, and your serving pieces will be most unique.

Best of all- when uniquely served, plain old pretzels or chips become a much more interesting snack and at least part of your decorating has been taken care of.

Princess Hats

Do It Yourself Party Hats

Princess HatsThese hats are certainly cheap enough at Amazon’s prices (mouseover the photo for the price). But instead of just handing it to them, here’s a different kids birthday party idea: any conical hat is easy to make and can be a super party activity for your young guests.

You’ll find templates for a small party-hat sized hat at about.com. Blow this template up and cut from the large size construction paper for the larger sized hat you see in the photo.

For princess hats for all your little princesses, cut the templates and either make the cones for the young ones or let the older ones make and fit their own. Leave a bit of an opening at the top of the cone. Have different colors of tulle and ribbon from the craft or fabric store, cut to length beforehand, that they can string through that hole and tape to the inside of the hat. As in the picture, have braid or any kind of trim, also precut to size, that they can glue to the ‘rim’. Give them stickers or pre-cut shapes from construction paper (that your own princess can perhaps do for you) or glitter/confetti (messy) that they can then glue to their princess hats. Your princess hats don’t have to all pink either- use purple and blue as in the photo, lavender, yellow, and green all work too. Ribbon (satin is nice) taped to the inside to tie under their chins to keep the hats on will make it all work better.

Use black paper for a magician’s or sorcerer’s hat – a great accompaniment if you’re actually having a magician for your party entertainment. Yellow star and crescent moon shapes to paste on will complete the look.