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Free Kindle Books for Kids


They’re will be many an e-reader under the tree this year, so this list of FREE kindle books for kids can give you something to put on those devices right away!

No Twiddle Twaddle: Free Kindle Books for Kids.

Don’t think just because they’re free, they’re no good. These are often introductory promotions of books that will carry a price tag later. And No Twiddle Twaddle checks out many of the books on the list to weed out the real junk and give you a useable list. This website is a great resource for kindle books for kids and should be on your list.

Get a few books on your smartphone using a reader app and you’ve got something for them to do when sitting and waiting somewhere like the doctors office, or driving somewhere.

Dads Checklist Book

Dad Book Teaches Kids Handy Skills

Dads Checklist BookThis is a book about fixing and making things that involves skills we often learned at our parents knee but may not be making the effort to teach to our kids.

Dad Book Teaches Kids Handy Skills: 3 Signed BOOK GIVEAWAY! : PragmaticMom.

We’re all so busy these days, that fixing that whatever often becomes all ‘chore’ when in fact it can be good time doing something constructive with our kids and teaching them simple but helpful life skills in the process. We’re in the car driving miles to soccer practice or to a swim meet and end up fixing that leaky pipe at midnight or just calling the plumber. These ‘jobs’ may well be teaching and bonding opportunities lost.

And if our kids don’t ever see their parents fixing broken things, what message are we sending? That everything is disposable? That we’re too ‘good’ to get our hands dirty? That they will never need to do these mundane things themselves?

Next time you’ve got a fix-it job around the house, think about whether it might just be more important to tackle it together with your kid(s) rather than to outsource it or do it all by yourself.  If nothing else, your child can read you the instructions and then be involved in figuring out the how to do it even if they aren’t old enough to be part of the actual doing.

Carrying Books

Amazon’s Best Books for Kids and Teens

Carrying BooksAmazon’s book recommendations come from what they sell, Which for kids and teen titles means from other parents. And that’s the best social proof you can get about what’s good, what the kids like and what they’ll actually read.

Hang on to this ‘Best’ list for all those birthday party gifts you need throughout the year and for holiday giving at your own house. A book or two to promote literacy mixed in with all the toys makes for a good mix of holiday gifts.

Amazon’s Best Books for Kids and Teens: You can sort by age, gender or just scroll on through and see what looks good.

Thanksgiving Books

8 Thanksgiving Story Books

Thanksgiving Books
Photo: kidsactivitiesblog.com


With just a week to go, get the kids into the true spirit of Thanksgiving with one or more of these 8 Thanksgiving Story Books. This is a good way balance the turkey and the parade with the thanks and the giving!

Keep one or more in reserve for Thanksgiving Day when you need the kids occupied as you put the finishing touches on the big meal. Dad or a big sister/brother can read to them while you make everything scrumptious!


5 Books on Bullying for Parents

BullyAs even our President has reminded us, bullying is today a very real and a very big problem for our kids. Parenting.com has 5 book recommendations on the subject for parents, to help us help our kids learn how not to bullied, not to be a bully and not to be a bystander.

Do you have any good resource recommendations on bullying to share below in our comments?

Coin Roller

DIY Coin Roller Toy

Coin Roller

photo from madebyjoel.com

I just discovered this madebyjoel.com website and it’s a treasure trove of imaginative d0-it-yourself ideas for playthings for kids.

Like this cereal box coin roller. I know how many quarters we ended up putting in those spinning coin rollers at places like the zoo- kids are fascinated by this type of movement. So fascinate your little ones at home, no quarters required, just poker chips or small plastic lids or wooden coins you buy at the craft store or make and sand and paint.

Do follow the link to the toy slot box shoebox toy using the same wooden coins. For very little investment on your part, it’s a marvelous and fun size sorting activity for the little ones.

And this creative guy’s book looks wonderful– a delightful present for parents of young children. It includes 35 projects covering a variety of types of crafts and toys. All are designed to encourage open-ended play that encourages imagination and creativity yet are simple to make and require little time investment.

Include some simple home-made toys in your child’s activities– they’re cheap and they send a loving message that ‘you made this for me!’.

No Regrets Parenting

No Regrets Parenting

No Regrets ParentingHaving just delivered my youngest to college for sophomore year and being about to leave next week to visit my eldest in China where she’s been for the past year, I feel compelled and qualified to recommend No Regrets Parenting by Dr. Harley M. Rotbart, M.D. to parents of young children. Mine are quickly slipping away into their own lives, and as many wonderful memories as we have, I wish we had more.

This is a book “for busy parents in busy times”. It’s a book about time, but not really about time management. It’s how to get the most out of your parenting experience while you juggle it all. How to make the most of all those things you have to do.

For yourselves or for people you care about, this book would make a lovely gift.  Nobody says being a parent today is easy, but anything that makes it all even more worthwhile and fulfilling is a gift, in and of itself.


Reading Together

Reading Together

Reading TogetherHow did it come to pass that for so many families the wonderful time spent reading together never goes beyond those early years bedtime stories? And it’s such a shame that it stops. Sure, all the media today’s families consume bears some of the blame- but not all. More likely- it’s just our jam packed family schedules and trying to do everything, not always with the best priorities determining what gets done and what doesn’t. It’s we parents who set the agenda, and for too many families this skill building and relationship strengthening activity falls off that agenda.

There are so many wonderful stories we can share with our kids– from the age-old Arabian Nights to a children’s version of the Odyssey to Judy Blume to reading J.R.R. Tolkein’s or the Harry Potter books together.  It really is worth carving a set time out of all our busy schedules to fit this in. It will build great memories and add even more glue to your relationship with your children.

My thanks to Christie Burnett at childhood101.com for the reminder about how rewarding and important reading together can be.


Why to go the Free EBook route for Kids Reading

BookI just learned that a number of Amazon’s free ebooks are free as a limited time promotion for new paid ebooks. Who knew? That means that these offerings aren’t just free junk, and are definitely worth your time for finding new reading material for your kids.

Learn more about what’s really there in the free ebook category, why it’s worth your time and energy, and some excellent sources for kids reading material from notwiddletwaddle.com. She puts some real effort into sifting through these freebies for parents.