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Fall Leaf Coasters

Coaster Craft

Fall Leaf Coasters

Decoupage is a simple yet artful craft technique, easily managed by young children. Making decoupage a good party craft activity. And Modge Podge has made decoupage easier than ever: now there’s a kid friendly washable Modge Podge too. Check your local craft store. (Modge Podge is a glue, sealer and finish all rolled into one jar).

Kudos to Valerie over at innerchildfun.com for putting this new product to good use with these tissue paper leaf coasters, using inexpensive white ceramic tiles from the home store for the coaster. Pick up some felt buttons for the back while your at the home store, and your all set to go.

Kid-Made Fall Leaf Coasters

But why stop here? There’s thousands of things that could be decoupaged onto those plain white tiles- all depending on your party theme. Print out pictures of super-heroes, sized to fit and cut out if the kids are too young to manage that. Use real leaves collected on a nature walk through the park. Print out animals, star wars characters, the possibilities here are endless.

And the kids end up with a party momento that they can actually use!


Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton Owls

Egg Carton OwlsMake these on a rainy afternoon or as a craft activity at a preschool or early elementary school age party. Save up your empty egg trays, and get your neighbors to collect  theirs for you too. Then, all you need are feathers and fun stuff from the craft store, glue, markers, paints, whatever you want to give them to decorate. A very cute idea! Fits right in with an animal, safari or jungle party theme.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: How to Make Egg Carton Owls.

Autumn Wreath

Autumn Nature Wreath

Autumn WreathThis is a marvelous seasonal craft activity that can either fill a weekend afternoon or keep the kids well occupied during a birthday party. Thanks to the Domestic Goddesque for this good idea.

There’s two parts to this activity- the gathering and the making. As an at-home activity, the gathering can be part of a family nature walk. When used as a party craft, it gets them outdoors to run and expend some energy while they look. So- it works either way.

Making the wreaths requires double sided tape, glue, the natural materials gathered outside, and the underlying ring. Cut the rings out of cardboard boxes (like from the liquor store) or use cork as Domestic Goddesque does. Then all it takes is imagination in placing the autumn decorations.

Easy and fun. Enjoy!

Play Dough Critters

Enhanced Play Dough Play

Play Dough CrittersA  stunningly simple idea– one that I never really thought of. Incorporate simple objects into their play dough play. Pipe cleaners, bottle caps, acorns and pebbles, rice or beans, google eyes, feathers.

Use your imagination in coming up with the accessories and then they can use their imaginations incorporating them into their creations.

Let’s Make Play Dough Critters!.

Paper Harvest

Paper Harvest

Paper Harvest

Photo from busybeekidscrafts.com

All you need are construction paper, scissors and a pencil for this fall harvest paper craft that will keep the kids happily engaged for a good bit of time. Since these look like gourds and apples and things, it’s a good activity to keep them focused while you make dinner.

Using yellow, orange and red paper, cut out 9 to 10 4-5” circles from each color, plus a green or brown stem rectangle.  Make a slit to just fit that stem in the center of one circle, and put the circle on the stem. Fold the remaining circles (of each color) in half and cut a slit from the fold almost through to the outer edge, but not quite. Slide each of these circles onto the center circle with the stem. Once all attached and arranged to your liking, you can add a drop of glue to keep it all together.

Use ovals for an apple or pumpkin– the center one with the stem still needs to be circular.For full instructions and pictures, see the project at busybeekidscrafts.com.

Show off their creations in a basket on the dinner table as a new centerpiece!

Duck Tape Rose Pen

Duck Tape Rose Pen

Duck Tape Rose Pen

photo from duckbrand.com

I just had to follow up the decorated pencil craft activity with this more complex pen craft for older girls. Too cool, and will they ever love showing their creations off at school! Oh- the things you can do with duck tape, and now that duck tape comes in all these pretty colors and patterns it’s even more fun!

Thanks to duckbrand.com for a full tutorial on making these flower pen tops. They’re far simpler than they appear, but will require more focus than young girls are likely to have, so I’d suggest this craft for tweens. This would be a great sleepover party activity as it will take some time and there’s more than enough of that at an all night party. Just provide the scissors, the tape and the pens, plus the tunes and the snacks.

Have the tutorial available to the girls on your iPad or laptop so they can follow along to make their pens. Do suggest they browse through the duck brand.com site as there’s lots of other crafty activities there that might engage them. Who knows what they’ll decide to make?



Pencil Face

Pencil Fun

Pencil Face

photo from about.com

Your kids can make these for back-to-school fun or they can serve as a party craft next birthday. Either way- these are cute and easy and the kids will enjoy making them. And this feathery fellow is just one of 8 different pencils the kids can make, all with instructions over at about.com.

All supplies can be found at your local craft store, probably including the pencils and/or pens. Buy silk or plastic blooms (with stems) to attach to the top with green floral tape. String beads on narrow 1/8″ ribbon and glue them under the eraser (putting the eraser back in after). String beads on thin wire and wrap it around the top of the pencil or pen. Slide team pennants made out of felt or foam onto the pencil top. Remove the eraser, put glue in the hole and stick in feather decorated with wiggly eyes. Replace that eraser with metallic chenille stems wrapped with a glittery stem to look like fireworks. Make critters using chenille stems wrapped around the top of the pencil and holding a pompom that can be decorated with felt eyes, etc. If it’s near Halloween, make the pompoms orange and you’ve got jack o’lanterns. The kids will probably come up with their own ideas too.

This is a simple, not too lengthy activity for a party, probably perfect for doing while everyone arrives and gets settled.

Handpainted Glass Jars

Painted Glass Jars and Bottles

Handpainted Glass Jars

photo from mommy-labs.com

A marvelous activity for your budding artist at home or for your group of party kids, and great for a sleepover party too. Many thanks to the imaginative Rashmie at mommy-labs.com for this and lots of other great creative ideas for playful learning.

I particularly like this craft for a sleepover party because it’s a bit intricate and can really engross the kids (probably girls will like this better than boys) in the designs and the colors they choose.

Save and get your neighbors saving their empty glass jars and bottles. Get your brushes and different kinds of paint from the craft store, along with those cheap plastic table covers to protract your home. Even a cheap plastic tarp from the paint store under your craft table would be a great idea. Rashmie used acrylic and ceramic paints, puffy paints and glass color and liner.

Either print out the pictures from the mommy-labs website or have them available for the kids to browse through on your laptop, to give them great ideas.

You might like to combine this with another of Rashmie’s ideas for using old glass jars for candles; she beautifully decoupaged leaves onto the jars (see the link at the bottom of her post), but just popping a votive candle into the painted jars made by the kids gives them candle holder to take home as their party favor!

Outdoor Handprint Art

Outdoor Art

Outdoor Handprint ArtThose Quirky Mommas over at kidsactivitiesblog.com have come up with a great summer, outdoor activity that translates beautifully for a party! Thanks for reminding us that outdoors in the summer enables us to let the kids get substantially messier than in the winter in your living room, and clean it all up with the hose.

Preschoolers and early elementary school age kids LOVE putting their hands in paint– hence fingerpainting, the ultimate messy experience. Well, with washables paints and the great outdoors, you can give them this experience to their little hearts content.

Get a wide roll of paper at your local craft store– or tape narrower rolls together to make a wide one, and either lay it on your driveway or tack it up on your garage door*. Put lots of different colors of washable paints in plastic or foam plates (paper will get too soggy). Have the kids don the smocks or t-shirts they brought with them , since your invitation told them to bring same. And turn them all loose to create their group mural. Encourage handprints, footprints, fingerprints, finger paintings, and give them cut up sponges in varying shapes to add to it all. Even Jackson Pollack style dribbles and splashes. What Fun! This is more of a party game than it is a craft activity, but who cares.

Cleaning everybody up with your hose will just be part of the fun! 

*Just to be safe, since your garage door may not have been painted in a while and might be a bit more absorbent of the washable paint than you’d like, tack up a cheap plastic drop cloth behind the mural paper, so there’s no mess left behind on your garage door.