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Angry Birds

Angry Birds Party Ideas

Angry BirdsEverybody’s playing the game, it’s addictive, and if it’s making the rounds with your child’s friends it makes a great birthday party theme. Almost any game will play into the theme but Angry Birds does present a unique opportunity for a very unique themed game they probably won’t have played anywhere else.

Before getting to that game, think how easy decorations will be– just grab the images from the web, print them out and tape them up. Easy.

Same with invitations– print out those images out on card stock and print or write your party particulars on the back side. Done.

Even an angry birds cake is easy. Google ‘angry birds cake’ and you’ll find some incredible creations, even playable cakes (who knew you could make a cake that’s a game?). But if such fancy cake creations aren’t in your repertoire, you can easily do simple. Anything as geometric as the Angry Birds is easy to reproduce, no artistic talent required. Just different colors of icing, a smooth knife for spreading the large areas and a plastic bag with the corner cut out to pipe on the small parts like eyebrows and eyeballs.

Start out with Angry Birds coloring pages– just google ‘free angry birds coloring pages’ and print them out.

And that new and unique game is a slingshot game, that can be played inside or out. Buy an elastic exercise band and one or two plush Angry Birds toys. Make a bullseye target with points on it on poster board that you tape up to the wall (inside) or garage door if outside. Experiment with your elastic band to determine where to place your ‘stand behind line’. Have one adult on each side hold the band and have the kids take turns slinging the plush toy at the target and scorning points- either individually or for team play.

Other game ideas:

  • You can also have the kids knock those Angry Birds plush toys off the table with tennis balls or bean bags
  • Angry Bird floor concentration using various Angry Bird images from the internet, blown up to 8 1/2″ x 11″ full size (see this post on floor concentration)
  • Angry Bird pinatas are available on eBay
eBay has tons of Angry Bird party supplies, and all kinds of party paraphernalia for an Angry Birds themed party. Have some fun with it!