Switcheroo Tag

TagKeep this game in your back pocket any time the kids need to run off some energy (sugar) and the weather lets you send them outside for a bit. Jackets are fine- it doesn’t have to be summer, just not raining or snowing. And if you can wear them down a bit, they’ll be better able to focus on your party activities when they come back to your planned party program.

Thanks to queen-of-theme-party-games.com for this Thomas the Tank Engine inspired birthday party game. While it’s clearly perfect for a Thomas themed party, it will work with virtually any party theme if you just tweak your instructions to the kids.

Divide all the kids into 2 teams– engines and cabooses, red and black, boys and girls, Team A v. Team B from some other party game you’ve had, whatever…. it doesn’t matter how you get to the 2 teams. Provide some distinguishing items for the 2 teams- bandanas, big sticker on their backs, red or blue dots on their noses (they’ll LOVE this one!). You’ll need a whistle. Explain to the kids ahead of time that whenever they hear your whistle they’re to play the game with a DIFFERENT player from the opposite team.

Start with the Team A (engines, red, blue noses) players pairing up with a Team B player (cabooses, blue, red noses). On your mark (whistle) the Team A kids try to attach themselves to the Team B players, and the Team B players try to stay unattached or to shake the Team A players loose. Give it 30 seconds to a minute, blow the whistle and yell “SWITCH”.

Chaos should ensue as the kids team up with different players from the other team– all done on the run as they try to attach or avoid attachment. Plenty of energy should get expended playing this tag-based game, and the kids should then get their focus back for the remainder of your party activities.

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